You Set Your Intention, But Now What? 4 Steps To Manifest Anything

The hardest part of manifesting an extraordinary life is understanding what we want in the first place. If you’re a mutable maven like myself, you may have bounced around projects, passions and jobs. As soon as your feet get wet in one, another shiny possibility presents itself, seducing you to embark on a new path.

Consequently, my twenties was a buffet of half eaten careers in gymnastics, dance, teaching, tourism, writing, media relations, graphic design, and even web design. However, I never intended on becoming a professional dabbler.

All of these years of soulful experimentation helped me to get clear on what I want in life. Not an easy task! But if you also have a powerful intention that is in alignment with your soul’s purpose, it’s time to take steps to manifest it.

Like the Magician archetype in Tarot, you too are a manifestation powerhouse with the knowledge, skills and magical mojo to turn your ideas into reality. And when you balance celestial energies with the earthly realm, anything is possible!

With these four steps, you’ll wizz by obstacles and distractions on a fearless mission to success.

4 Steps To Manifest Anything



Do you have a powerful intention that makes your soul sing? Write down your intention and ask for celestial support to co-create the reality you envision. Surrounded by spirit, you’re an unstoppable force.



Now it’s time to get dirty with the nitty gritty details. What small step can you take each day to manifest your intention? Commit to a time for your creative work each day. And trust that you are on the right path to success.

Next, take a look at your posse. Are there any relationships that put a damper on your dream? Simply observe and consciously surround yourself with people that lift you up.


Use Your Five Senses

Your five senses are powerful tools to live your dream as if it is already happening. Before I moved to Italy, I would go to my favorite café in LA each morning. Over a fluffy cappuccino and cornetto, I would study Italian and listen to Ligabue on repeat. I felt like I was already in Italy!

The Five Senses

Touch – To activate your intention using touch, you can work with crystals or draw sacred symbols that correspond to your intention. You can even think about beauty and wellness treats.

Sight – Sight is such a powerful tool for change, it can sometimes feel like a punch in the gut. That’s why movies are so powerful!

Paint your surroundings with artwork, accessories, moodboards and decor that reflect your intention. You can also consider your intention’s corresponding color. Check out this article on color for inspiration.

Hearing – Play that inspirational playlist on repeat until it automatically plays in your head. And don’t forget to sing (even if its just in your head) a mantra. Mantras are the sound vibrations that help us face challenges with grace and increased awareness. Whenever self-doubt creeps in, repeat your magical mantra.

Smell – Use essential oils, herbs and flowers to increase your energetic frequency. You can choose ones associated with a time period, place, chakra, or goddess archetype.

To take your plant ally on the go, simply add 10-12 drops of your essential oils to a 10 ml amber or blue roll on bottle. Next, fill the rest of the bottle with a carrier oil and swirl. Apply to your pulse points to enjoy.

Taste- There’s almost nothing more pleasurable on this earthly plane than heavenly tasting goodness. Consider how you can use taste to manifest your intentions. For instance, if you want to be a star tennis player, how would a pro tennis player eat? If you’re dreaming of a Bali retreat, what delicious fruits would you enjoy there?



Lastly, have trust in the universe so that you can remain flexible on your journey. You may be pleasantly surprised by that fork in the road that leads you to the expansion of opportunities.

What are you manifesting? Share in the comments!

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