Which Greek Goddess Are You? Quiz

Drama, drama, drama, the ancients knew it all too well! Thrilling stories of love and betrayal were weaved into the fabric of everyday life. And the Greek pantheon was the compelling cast of characters.

Set to a Mediterranean backdrop of realms (both seen and unseen), sometimes the deities stumble, sometimes they fall, and sometimes they triumph. Indeed, they almost seem human with both flaws and gifts. The only thing that sets them apart from ordinary folk is well… immortality. 

Still, we see so much of ourselves in them. Naturally, they inspire our own hero’s journey. The journey to step into our infinite potential to create any dream we dare to dream. The question is: which Greek Goddess inspires your life journey? Take the quiz to find out!

Which Greek Goddess are you? Share in the comments!

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Photo by ATeam on Shutterstock

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