What Type of Witch Are You? Quiz

A white witch sparks positive change with her rituals and spell work. She is a wise soul with the power to harness both natural and supernatural forces. Rooted in intention, the white witch twirls, flicks and points her wand in the direction of her desires. And lo and behold, she manifests her desires into earthly form.

No matter the gender, race, or belief system, there is a powerful white witch within us all. But the method to the magic may vary depending on your innate soul gifts. You may use superfoods, plant medicine, ceremony, essential oils, crystals, yoga, or all of the above to work your magic. In essence, a white witch uses her gifts to transform the mental, physical, and spiritual planes.

The question is: what type of witch are you? Take the quiz to find out!

What type of witch are you? Share in the comments!

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