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Are you a dreamer? Can you get lost in fantastic stories and struggle to make your way back to earth?

Me too! In fact, during my kiddie years, my favorite thing to do on a lazy Sunday was spend all day in a bookstore. I would read every magazine on the stand from current events and travel to fashion, fitness and wellness magazines.

Jumping from story to story was my hidden obsession. I loved how these playful stories came to life with vibrant photography and modern illustrations. The design elements spoke to me on a subconscious level, filling my inner well with wonder.

My favorite magazines of the moment would go home with me. And in a quiet trance, I would cut out inspirational words, funky letters and captivating images. Without an aim, I would quietly make a collage out of those elements to create my own version of the story. A story that reflected my subconscious thoughts and dreams.

However, in time the stories I found in lifestyle magazines stopped resonating with me. My heart was calling for stories of a different nature — spirituality, mythology, the intuitive arts and healing practices. And so, I dove head first down Amazon’s spiritual rabbit hole, consuming every book I could find.

I was enamored by these mystical traditions, but craved a more playful, visual representation of them. Like my favorite lifestyle magazines, I wanted more than juicy text. I dreamed of sacred wisdom told with a modern twist.

Sarikaya Dreams was born!

And so, in 2018 I merged my passions for storytelling, astrology, energy healing, mythology, and esoteric practices, founding Sarikaya Dreams (my name + Dreams). Sarikaya Dreams became a modern version of my kiddie dream collages.

However, in time I realised that these spiritual stories aren’t my dreams at all. In fact, those little flickers of magical mojo come from outside of me. Like an elusive butterfly, sometimes I catch the ideas in time to put the pen to paper. And other times they fly away to the next blessed soul.

Plato called these elusive butterflies the Muses. He once said:

There is also a third kind of madness, which is possession by the Muses, enters into a delicate and virgin soul, and there inspiring frenzy, awakens lyric.

Yes, madness is right! Sometimes the Muse comes knocking at the most inconvenient time. I could be on the toilet, in a meeting, or pretending to be asleep to hopefully rub off on my two-year-old. Whatever I’m doing, I just HAVE TO stop and grab a pen and paper. And like a madwoman, I ferociously surrender to the creative impulse, the Muse.

The Muse is mystical, the muse is divine and the muse holds the modern keys for spiritual awakening and empowerment. And so…

Sarikaya Dreams became Mystic Muse.

My vision is that our spiritual stories fill your inner well with awe-inspiring wonder, while helping you step into your limitless creative potential. And ultimately, to help shift the world to a higher vibration filled with unconditional love.

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