August 23 – September 22

“Always process, never perfection,” but why not strive for perfection anyways? Virgo just can’t help it. With her nitty-gritty analytical skills, she lasers in on any flaws. And through good old fashioned hard work, this worker bee accomplishes the seemingly impossible. A sparkling end result that is both elegant and pragmatic. Of course, nothing is perfect. So, Virgo keeps refining and refining until the end.

The key for Virgo is to know when enough is enough. Just step off of the hamster wheel for a moment to acknowledge your masterpiece. Yes, we know it’s not “perfect,” but only a Virgo would notice these microscopic flaws.

Ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, Virgo also has a knack for language. Before rambling off, she chooses her words extra carefully. And may even send a well-constructed love letter. Not without multiple edits, of course.

Virgo may strive for perfection but always in the name of selfless service. No other sign can match her natural humility. When she finds a worthy cause, she serves tirelessly with tenacious devotion. However, to truly shine on the job she needs to learn how to love her whole self, worts and all. Only then can she step into her fullest potential.

The sign of the virgin, which is symbolic for purity, Virgo loves clean lines, pure minimalism and anything systematized. And so, Virgo regularly trims the excess junk out of her closet and her life, keeping only what is truly useful.

While all this routine hard work may sound (yawn) boring, Virgo is anything but. She’s highly adaptable and hilarious. But how could we expect otherwise! Only the brightest minds are this funny. Virgo will have you cracking up until it hurts.


Once Upon A Time

Long ago, immortals and humans lived together on Earth. As time passed, humans became ruthless and sinful, descending deeper and deeper into the dark ages. Eventually, the energetic vibrations became so dense and heavy that the celestial beings could no longer live on Earth. One by one, they fled to the heavens until only one goddess remained — Astraea.

The Greek goddess of innocence and purity desperately wanted to help humans. And so, Astraea stood by their sides until the Iron Age. However, eventually she, too, was forced to retreat to the cosmos. When she left Earth, she was placed in the heavens as the shimmering Virgo constellation. Shining from the heavens, Astraea waits to return to Earth in angelic form at the start of a new golden age.


Sacred Oils

  • Peppermint
  • Fennel
  • Cypress
  • Clary sage
  • Bergamot

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