Venus Retrograde Perfume DIY to rekindle your heart’s desires

Are you struggling to navigate this Venus retrograde? The six-week slowdown can be a turbulent time for ALL relationships — even the most important relationship with yourself.

The sultry Babylonian goddess Ishtar, who happens to be the very first incarnation of Venus, can relate. She, too, experienced a Venus retrograde of sorts.

Goddess Ishtar

It all began with her decision to visit the dark realm of her sister, Ereshkigal, Queen of the Underworld.

Ishtar dressed in the most beautifully adorned outfit. Imagine sexy satin draping around her voluptuous curves and bright blue flashes of lapis lazuli. When Ereshkigal hears that her sister is dressed so lovely, she assumes that Ishtar came to conquer the Underworld. I know, who heads to battle in an evening gown? Apparently, Ereshkigal did!

So, the evil sister crafts a plan to literally strip Ishtar of her power. As Ishtar descends through the Underworld, she is forced to remove an item of clothing or an accessory at each of the seven gates. Until she finally arrives naked before Ereshkigal, who then kills her. Ishtar’s violent death resulted in the ending of all intimacy and fertility on Earth, until she was revived that is.

Upon returning to the land of the living, Ishtar is more radiant and powerful than ever. In this new phase of her life, she shimmers with the full spectrum of womanhood from an affectionate nurturer and an independent partner to a wise woman in all matters of the heart.

Your Journey to the Underworld

Every 18 months, we all experience a similar journey during Venus retrograde. When the planet Venus dips below the horizon, you, too, descend into the Underworld (aka the subconscious or unconscious mind). Without all of the emotional armour, you stand naked in front of a magical mirror.

And as you gaze into the mirror, you see any dormant desires and flaws in the love department. Without the rose-colored filters, you may feel disillusioned or dissatisfied in your relationships. But, fear not. Like Ishtar, you, too, will emerge from Venus retrograde a more beautiful and mature version of yourself. And ultimately, this sacred pause leads to more fulfilling relationships.

Of course, even with Venus’s cosmic push, you still need to really listen to your heart’s desires. This Venus retrograde perfume DIY, inspired by the Goddess Ishtar, opens the heart to rekindle any hidden desires. May it bring more harmony to your relationships.

Goddess Perfume DIY

What You Need

  • Damiana essential oil (4 drops)
  • Rose absolute essential oil (4 drops)
  • Frankincense essential oil (4 drops)
  • Saffron threads
  • 1 ounce of rosehip seed oil
  • Lapis lazuli and/or carnelian gemstone chips
  • Dark glass container
  • Rose tea
  • Tea cup
  • Journal
  • Pen

Step 1

After cleansing your sacred space and materials, brew yourself a cup of rose tea.

To set the mood, you can also play the 639 Hz on Youtube. This love frequency supports compassion, love and understanding.

Step 2

Set your intention to rekindle your heart’s desires. As you tap into that tingly feeling at heart center, call in more alignment in your relationships.

Step 3

To make this perfume oil, add the gemstone chips and a saffron thread to your container, followed by the rosehip seed oil and essential oils. Shake well to combine.

Goddess Perfume DIY

Apply the love potion to your pulse points. And as an added bonus, this blend also makes an amazing anti-aging facial oil!

Step 4

Venus retrograde is a time for reflection. Grab your favorite journal and pen, and reflect on the following questions:

  • Do I feel loved?
  • What do I need in a partner and are those needs met?
  • What will keep my relationship buzzing along happily ever after?

If you feel called, Venus retrograde is also a beautiful time to make music, art or poetry from the heart. Let your emotions pour out onto the canvas. No one has to see but yourself!

What revelations did you have during the Venus retrograde period? Share in the comments!

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