Unlock your Emotional Blueprint: Self-Care for Every Moon Sign

From dark to luminous and ripe, Mother Moon waltzes across the sky while tugging on our heartstrings. Indeed, the power of our closest astronomical body is immeasurable.

Naturally, your moon sign in astrology is important. The glowing orb illuminates your deepest emotional needs. What do you need to feel secure? And what nourishes you? Mother Moon is always pulling us back to our cozy comforts.

But often we ignore her tidal pull in our relationships, jobs, and life. In our solar dominant society, it’s easy to prioritize the ego over feelings and emotional needs. But a deprived moon sign equals an unhappy life. And believe me, I know what that feels like!

On the brink of my Saturn Return, the emotional needs of my Moon in Libra were not met at work. Imagine tribal warfare in stiff suits and matching ties. The gorilla that made the most noise won the battle. And his loyal companions elevated the corporate ladder right along with him. Naturally, my Libra Moon was deprived of harmony, feminine beauty, and peaceful relationships.

The moral of the story… Don’t ignore your emotional needs. And to better understand them, read your moon sign meaning below. Plus, indulge in your moon sign’s self-care activities and crystals.

If you are unsure of your moon sign, you can find it here.

Moon in the Signs


Aries is outspoken, daring, youthful, and impulsive. Always ready for action, this feisty spirit needs freedom, passion, and exhilarating fun. Anything painfully s-l-o-w and predictable will make this ram want to bolt.

Self-care: martial arts, boxing, or a high-energy HIIT class, followed by a deep tissue massage and a wild bonfire (ecstatic dancing included)

Crystals: red jasper and dragonstone

Aries zodiac sign


Taurus is trustworthy, devoted, and down-to-earth. This earth goddess needs a calm and cozy home where she can indulge in earthly pleasures and creative pursuits. Driven by security, Taurus won’t thrive in a chaotic or haphazard environment.

Self-care: a relaxing day in the garden or in the wild, followed by a Michelin-starred meal and a luxurious massage

Crystals: carnelian and garnet

Taurus zodiac sign


Gemini is curious, analytical, and expresses emotions in words. The masterful storyteller tells intriguing stories that make us FEEL. Highly social, Gemini needs regular outlets for good conversations and socializing. Formal settings that don’t welcome information sharing kill the buzz.

Self-care: a morning yoga flow, followed by a fun party, and winding down with a good book and journaling

Crystals: larimar, amazonite

Gemini zodiac sign


Cancer is nurturing, highly sensitive, and empathetic. Ruled by the Moon, she needs to be needed, and is at her best when she has loved ones to nourish. Cancer also needs emotional and financial security. If her surroundings don’t feel safe, this crab retreats back into her cozy shell.

Self-care: sleep in, bake goodies at home, followed by a moon circle and a sweet scented bath

Crystals: chrysoprase, pink opal

Cancer zodiac sign


Leo is confident and creative with a sensual flair. Overflowing with creativity, the sparkling lion needs creative outlets, and to be recognized for the talented creative that she is. A natural leader, Leo craves opportunities to truly shine.

Self-care: paint, design or decorate (pick your creative medium!), then get all glammed up for the theatre, followed by dancing at a posh club

Crystals: ruby zoisite, red aventurine

Leo zodiac sign


Virgo is helpful, detail-oriented, and oozes with earthy sensuality. Always sizing up the environment, Virgo needs to know what’s up before she can truly unwind (assuming the environment is tidy, that is). But more importantly, she needs to use her tender heart to be of service to the community.

Self-care: a healthy breakfast complete with green juice, followed by a fitness class and volunteer work at a local charity

Crystals: variscite, iolite

Virgo zodiac sign


Libra is artistic, romantic, and friendly. A natural diplomat, she needs harmonious and balanced relationships. If the relationship feels unfair, Libra re-balances the scales. Ruled by beauty-planet Venus, her need for balance extends to her surroundings. Yes, Libra needs a drama-free environment filled with pretty things.

Self-care: A tranquil day of arts and crafts surrounded by swoon-worthy designs, followed by a heart-to-heart date night at a charming garden restaurant

Crystals: Lemurian blue calcite, blue kyanite

Libra zodiac sign


Scorpio is magnetic, intense, and passionate. This primal goddess wants to understand the mysteries of the world. What’s bubbling beneath the surface? She needs to understand the hidden workings. But more importantly, Scorpio needs to feel in control. Self-mastery through inner exploration is her key to contentment.

Self-care: a deep dive into the occult arts, such as astrology, Kabbalah, or tarot, followed by kundalini breath work or a shamanic journey

Crystals: agatized coral, rutilated quartz

Scorpio zodiac sign


Sagittarius is enthusiastic, optimistic, and spontaneous. The starry-eyed gypsy needs to travel to unimaginable corners of the mind, and to share her knowledge and beliefs with the world. But above all, Sagittarius needs freedom.

Self-care: a spiritual retreat in an exotic location, solo adventure travel, or a session with a mentor, followed by reading (or writing) a book and physical movement

Crystals: chrysocolla, pink topaz

Sagittarius zodiac sign


Capricorn is goal-oriented and determined to reach the “mountain peak” one steady step at a time. The ambitious goat needs meaningful work that brings security and respect. A natural authority figure, Capricorn also needs to control the environment with clear-cut rules and guidelines.

Self-care: delegate unfinished tasks, and take a yoga class or twerk that booty, followed by a networking event and an ayurvedic massage

Crystals: brecciated jasper, green aventurine

Capricorn zodiac sign


Aquarius is quirky, authentic, and independent. A visionary soul, Aquarius is ten steps ahead of everyone else. Of course, living in the future can be lonely. And so, Aquarius needs a humanitarian community. An open-minded place where she can stir the pot with her radical ideas for a better future.

Self-care: volunteer for a worthy cause, join a Meetup group or go to a networking event, and create a vision board to manifest all those buzzing ideas

Crystals: yellow hematoid topaz, green zebra jasper


Pisces is compassionate, highly sensitive, and intuitive. This empathetic soul feels at home when she is surrounded by loved ones who truly understand her. Immersed in crystalline energies, Pisces thrives in healing work where she can embrace her compassionate heart.

Self-care: dreaming on a paddle boat in the middle of calm waters, followed by an artistic pursuit (photography, film, dance, or music) on a sugar sand beach

Crystals: dream amethyst, labradorite

Pisces zodiac sign

In addition to your moon sign, your moon’s house placement and aspects provide a more complete picture of your emotional needs.

What’s your moon sign? And what are your favorite self-care activities? Share in the comments!

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