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A turquoise given by a loving hand carries with it happiness and good fortune.

– Arabic proverb

Turquoise is the timeless rock star of the healing crystals. The dazzling blue-green stone embellished the protective amulets of Egyptian Pharaohs, the battle gear of the Aztecs, the royal tiara of Napoleon I’s wife, and even the Peacock Throne in Iran.

The Native Americans had a particular love for the sacred stone, using it as a powerful healing and protection tool.

Legend says that after a particularly tough drought, the tribe celebrated when it finally rained. Tears of joy poured down their faces as they sang and danced. The rain washed their tears from their faces down into the earth. Mother Earth then transformed their tears into turquoise. And so, turquoise came to be referred to as the ‘fallen sky stone’ or simply the ‘sky stone’.


  • Activates the throat chakra, helping you communicate your truth with ease. A great stone for public speaking.
  • For travelers, it protects against everything from theft, loss and attack
  • Alleviates exhaustion, depression and panic attacks, while supporting the assimilation of nutrients
  • Promotes respiratory health, healing lung disorders and allergies
  • Clears away negative energy from the environment

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