Top herbs used by the Druids for divination

When I think of the Druids, a mystical image of Merlin with a white beard and a medicine cabinet overflowing with exotic herbs and potions pops into my head.

It’s true that the Druids were powerful healers, proficient in plant medicine. However, they were also philosophers, teachers, judges and shamans.

They believed that the roots of plants and trees provide a magical bridge to the mysteries of the underworld. These roots are like modern day network connections. All you need to do is log in, and you have access to infinite powers to exchange information with spirit beings.

The only difference is that roots share messages through our five senses, not our intellect. In other words, instead of receiving an email with words and images, plants send messages through smells, colors and vibrations.

These earthy messengers send more than your average email. They bring divine knowledge for potent healing and divination.

So, what herbs did the Druids use to tap into these powerful network connections?

Here are their top herbs for divination:

1 – Mugwort

Named after the goddess of the moon, Artemis, this humble and inconspicuous herb was smoked for prophetic dreams and divination.

Mugwort was also ritually burnt to repel all evil and to attract benevolent beings and good luck.

2 – Burdock

The Druids were no stranger to the incredible detoxifying power of burdock roots. Before the harsh winter, they would use it to purify and strengthen their immune system.

In addition to plant medicine, the fruits of burdock washed away negative energy, and developed higher states of awareness.

3 – Grapevine

Symbolic of the Fall Equinox, or the day of perfect balance between sunlight and the dark, grapevine helps to cultivate internal harmony. As the vine twists and spirals around objects, the Druids saw their life as a beautiful spiral journey to the light.

They would drink wine and the vine’s berries for prophecies, to develop their intuition, and to understand sacred symbols.


4 – Meadowsweet

Sometimes known as ‘Queen of the Meadow’, this lovely herb was part of the sacred plant trio, along with Vervaine and Mint.

Meadowsweet was brewed for sacred ales and meads to enhance love, divination, peace, joy, dreams, happiness and harmony.

5 – Elderberry

Also known as the tree of the fairies, the Druids saw elderberry as an earthly manifestation of the Great Goddess, who rules over both life and death.

Elderberry trees represented a gateway between worlds, vitality and eternal life. They would use it to make magical flutes to support conversations with spirit beings.

Do you use any of these herbs in your spiritual practice? Feel free to leave a comment!

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