Top 7 Crystals to heal your body

As a former gymnast, I’m no stranger to physical pain…

Before training, my coach would tape my throbbing ankles with loads of white sports tape. The purple flesh bulged out of the tightly wrapped armor. And yet, I flipped away, hoping to dodge the pot holes in the floor.

In hindsight, I felt an enormous amount of pressure to become a masterful gymnast and in turn, compete on the international stage. Meanwhile my ankles were screaming for balance and freedom.

crystals for physical healing

But I was afraid of quitting the sport. After all, who was I without gymnastics?

Tired of feeling stuck, I began to imagine a courageous life filled with passion and creative expression. I imagined zipping around Italy on the back of a Vespa, then writing about my adventures. In short, I imagined my version of la bella vita.

Following the niggle, I started to study Italian at a quaint cafe in Los Angeles. It was a baby step, but eventually I felt safe enough to quit gymnastics and reinvent my life in a foreign country.

Then one starry night in Bologna, I noticed that I no longer had ankle pain.

I believe that injuries and illnesses are messengers. As teachers, they highlight energetic imbalances. The question is: What is your pain here to teach you? Is your pain urging you to shift a negative emotion? Or perhaps the pain isn’t even yours, so you’re learning to set energetic boundaries.

Begin to imagine a vibrant version of yourself. What does it feel like? Record your insights, then dedicate one of these crystals to that positive emotion. As the crystal recodes your DNA in the direction of radiant health, let it also be a reminder of that positive feeling.

Top 7 Crystals for Physical Healing

Tibetan Quartz

From the mines of Brazil to Russia and the United States, clear quartz is found all over the world. But when it’s found at the sacred Himalayan Ridge in Tibet, it’s extra special.

Tibetan quartz is the only type of quartz that contains carbon. Originating from supernovas, carbon removes impurities and harmful particles from the auric field. The master healer of the periodic chart slows the frequency of quartz, making it effective for grounding and holistic healing.


Shungite is a miracle stone with powerful healing and cleansing properties. Originating in Russia, scientists discovered that shungite contains fullerenes, a type of carbon nanostructure, which breaks down the walls of viruses and bacteria before they can ravage the body.

Peter the Great, a Russian czar in the late 17th century, was well aware of shungite’s healing properties. During military campaigns, he ordered his soldiers to carry a piece to purify water and use on their wounds.

Green Kyanite

The rarest color of kyanite, green kyanite brings grounding, love, and inner peace. A perfect stone for physical healing, it balances the entire chakra column, but especially the heart chakra. Indeed, the bright green stone heals emotional wounds.

Some say that green kyanite also opens a pixie portal to the realm of nature spirits. Use it to channel nature’s wisdom and absorb the nurturing energy of Mother Earth.


Do your thoughts jump around like a hyperactive toddler in a bounce house? Let’s be real, scattered thoughts are draining. But bloodstone can bring mental and emotional peace.

A grounding stone, this deep green gem with speckles of blood red also helps to improve circulation and heal injuries. Plus, it reboots your energy like a wellness shot of turmeric, courage and strength.


Found in small pockets around the world, sugilite is a must have for healers. A powerful immunity booster, it detoxifies, brings cellular renewal, and reduces inflammation in the body. The grounding and crown chakra stone also heals the central nervous system. Yes, it can help with frayed nerves, focus and even migraines.


Known as the psychic surgeon, danburite scans the auric body to identify and heal the root cause of pain. After the energetic operation, the silver stud brings soothing vibes for a peaceful sleep. Radiant from the inside out, the Synergy 12 crystal also turbocharges spiritual evolution and enlightenment.

Green Calcite

Welcome to the realm of faeries! Green calcite is your direct line to a mystical realm of Celtic folklore. Known as the Witch’s Stone, the mint green gem draws its power straight from Gaia to stimulate self-healing and cellular renewal. A heart chakra crystal, green calcite also brings relaxation, compassion, and altruism.

Of course, none of these crystals is to replace seeing a doctor or receiving professional medical care.

What is your pain teaching you? And which crystal are you dedicating to your healing journey? Share in the comments!

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