Top 5 Crystals Used by Ancient Egyptian Priestesses

Dum-Ta-Ka-Ta — the hypnotic drums of Egypt have been calling explorers for thousands of years. Following the sacred beats and poetic oud melodies, spiritual seekers travel from all corners of the world to experience this ancient land. And what a transformative experience it is! By the end of the journey, the Eye of Horus has awakened the six senses to a world beyond the veil. A world where the fires of ancient wisdom still burn bright. 

Of course, you don’t have to travel to Egypt to awaken your psychic powers. The ancient Egyptian priestesses used crystal magic to ignite a transformative experience. In a smoldering cloud of frankincense, they harnessed the energies of turquoise, malachite, lapis lazuli, carnelian and black tourmaline to help the pharaohs step into their leadership potential. And ultimately, to help them rule the kingdom to better days.

Use these five crystals to tap into the energies of ancient Egypt and propel you towards a powerful spiritual experience:

The timeless rock star of the healing crystals activates the throat chakra, helping you communicate your truth with ease. Turquoise also clears away negative energy from the environment, alleviates exhaustion and promotes respiratory health. The dazzling blue-green stone embellished the protective amulets of many Egyptian pharaohs.



Malachite is a stone of all knowing wisdom. The sacred swirl of green rings pierces through the smog of your life to find exactly what is not working. While purifying the chakras, malachite helps you take that first transformational step in removing negative patterns. In ancient Egypt, the vibrant green stone was a favorite for promoting balance and divine insights. The pharaohs wore headdresses lined with malachite to harness its diplomatic powers, and Cleopatra even used it to create a seductive green eyeshadow. Of course, I wouldn’t create your own malachite eyeshadow for safety reasons.

Lapis lazuli is like your personal genie in a bottle. Known as the “Wisdom Keeper,” the stunning royal blue stone with flecks of gold shines a light on your inner wisdom and enhances your psychic skills.  Since ancient times, lapis lazuli was hoarded for its magical ability to bestow eternal life and power. During Cleopatra’s reign, she secured as much lapis as she could find to decorate the walls of her palace and to use as sultry eye make-up.

Named after the Latin word for cherry, carnelian is the gemstone version of a shot of Italian espresso.  This sunset colored stone was a stunning fashion accessory for kings and queens since the beginning of time. In ancient Egypt, carnelian was worn to repel the evil eye and bring inner peace. The array of red-orange-yellow colors honoured the sun god Ra, whose legends spread all the way to Rome. Thus, carnelian represented power, physical strength, wealth, and authority across the ancient world. Today you can use carnelian to boost your energy, motivation, stamina and creativity. It also increases your problem solving skills, while banishing feelings of envy, fear, rage and sorrow.


Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is one of my favorites for protection and removing negative energy. The powerful black stone, which also comes in a myriad of colors, puts a magical shield between you and the world. So that your aura is fully protected from all unwanted energies, and some say ‘black magic.’ As the Egyptian legend goes, black tourmaline was born from the center of Earth’s core, then traveled through the twinkling rainbow colors in the earth on its way to the almighty sun god Ra. Quite a journey, to say the least!

Which crystal do you feel most drawn towards? Share in the comments!

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