Tibetan Quartz

Grounding – Cleansing – Master Healer

There are no incurable diseases but only incurable people.

– Tibetan proverb

From the mines of Brazil to Russia and the United States, clear quartz is found all over the world. But when it’s found at the sacred Himalayan Ridge in Tibet, it’s extra special.

Tibetan quartz is the only type of quartz that contains carbon. Originating from supernovas, carbon removes impurities and harmful particles from the energy field. The master healer of the periodic chart slows the frequency of quartz, making it effective for grounding and holistic healing.


  • Heals the physical body
  • Reduces anxiety, insomnia and inflammation
  • Aligns the chakras
  • Purifies the energy field
  • Activates the earth star chakra for powerful grounding and protection

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