The Strangest Secret to Manifestation You Haven’t Heard Before

I stumbled upon belly dance at an eclectic nightclub in Istanbul. Surrounded by a sea of rowdy locals, I started belly dancing to the hypnotic beat of the drum. After that sleepless night on the town, a spark was awakened within my heart — an insatiable curiosity, fascination and deep remembering of an ancient past.

A few years later, I found belly dance again when I needed it the most. On the brink of my Saturn Return, I was running like a madwoman on the corporate hamster wheel where stiff suits, machismo and bullying were the norm. I felt like I was wasting precious time in an environment that didn’t value art, beauty, intuition, or really any of my values. And so, I left the corporate world, and signed up for a belly dance class.

The Unexpected Side Effects

Belly dance not only put me in touch with my inherent feminine grace, it also reignited my creativity and zest for life. My world went from dull and grey to technicolor and awakened. It was as if shaking to the sacred beats literally shook off all the negativity, societal expectations, and stale energy. Little by little, belly dance stripped me down to the core of my being. And guess what happened next!

Desire bubbled up from my lower abdomen, sparking an insatiable hunger to learn about alternative healing and spirituality. The more books and classes I gobbled up, the more hungry I got. And eventually, desire set the wheels in motion to manifest this website, my dream magazine, Mystic Travel, and a thriving communications company.

So by now you’re probably asking: How does belly dance ignite manifestation?

The Sacral Chakra

Belly dance activates the sacral chakra, your center of creativity, desire and sexuality. Yes, dreams are made down south! You can visualize, strategize and meditate all day long, but nothing happens on the physical plane without burning desire. Desire is the fuel that sparks consistent ACTION towards your dreams. Even during tough times, desire keeps the fire under your bum burning bright.

There are many ways to activate the sacral chakra from specific essential oils and crystals to sound frequencies and pelvic floor exercises (hello kegels!). But belly dance is my all time favorite because it’s fun (who doesn’t love to shake it?) AND you get these six bonuses:

Bonus Benefits



As empaths, we tend to float around in the upper chakras. Who needs a body, anyways? Heavy hip drops and folky movements ground the body to Earth.


Energetic Clean-up

Shimmies help the body release stale energy and trauma before it builds up and crystallizes into a health problem.


Magical Circles

Drawing circles with the chest and hips call upon unity, wholeness, wisdom, and protection.


To Infinity and Beyond!

Drawing the infinity symbol, or the number 8, with the chest or hips calls upon strength, creativity, and limitless abundance.


Divine Feminine Powers

Sensual movements illuminate physical and emotional needs so that you may honor them.


Ancient Wisdom

This ancient art is rooted in feminine wisdom that goes way back to the first fertility rituals thousands of years ago.

What are your dreams? And how are you activating your sacral chakra? Share in the comments!

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