The Mystical Guide To Step Into Your Creative Genius

Are you an artist, musician, dancer, filmmaker, writer or crafter? Whatever your craft, this mystical guide will help you step into your creative potential.

Becoming the creative genius you were born to be is a tricky process of cultivating a balanced creative practice. When you’re racing to the finish line, despite cosmic signs urging you to slow down, you risk burning that creative spark. On the other hand, when you’re chilling in dream world without putting in the legwork to manifest your ideas, your ideas risk remaining well…ideas.

I’ve created the following guide to help you cultivate a creative practice that will help you stay the course, while becoming a clear channel for divine inspiration.

By balancing what I call Solar Activities with Lunar Activities, you can manifest truly unique expressions of your soul on this 3D plane.

You may feel in over your head, but don’t worry. As the famous quote by Nelson Mandela goes: “It always seems impossible until it’s done.” So, are you ready to embark on a new creative path?

Finding cosmic balance is simple. Each day, keep a journal for your creative practice. Record your dreams, goals, fears, and practice.

When recording your creative practice, keep track of how many Solar and Lunar Activities you conduct each day, and try to cultivate a balance between the two.

So, what are Solar and Lunar Activities you may ask?

Solar Activities

In our present day macho world, we are most familiar with Solar Activities. Society praises action and tangible results, charging ahead at full speed. No time for feelings or hunches. Ever expanding To Do Lists rule our lives. Major decisions are made by carefully calculating the pros and cons with solid facts and logic.

Logic, reason, and direct action are all necessary parts of the creative process. We need that fiery, get it done attitude to move forward at warp speed.

Just be careful not to spend your entire day in this oh so yang space. If you do, you might find yourself ploughing away on the wrong path, wondering how your craft ever brought you joy in the first place.

Here are typical Solar Activities:

  • Deliberate daily practice to reach a set target or goal
  • Did you hit your daily goal? Reward yourself with a little special something.
  • Analyze your audience using digital metrics to find that sweet spot between what you want to create and what they enjoy
  • Set time and money constraints to narrow the scope of your project. We often are more creative when a project has solid boundaries.
  • Keep the creative juices flowing by trying something new. This could be a new medium, style or subject matter.
  • Deep dive into your astrological chart to make sure you’re fully using your inherent gifts
  • Get moving! Dance, run, hike, swim, whatever it takes to get grounded and release negativity so that you have a solid foundation to grow.
  • Work with lower chakra crystals, including garnet, rainforest jasper, agate, citrine, tiger’s eye and sunstone

Lunar Activities

Lunar energy, also known as yin energy, is receptive, nurturing, reflective, introspective and intuitive. When we are embracing our inner moon child, we ebb and flow with our emotions, the cycles, seasons and our bodies. Our feelings guide the way forward, and we are open to cosmic signs from the universe. In this inclusive space, we find joy in our similarities and work together with ease.

We all love flying into the stars. However, too much time in dream world is not productive either. Ground your feet back to earth with Solar Activities if you start to fly a little too high. You’ll need to fly back to earth eventually to manifest your ideas on this 3D plane.

Here are typical Lunar Activities:

  • Meditate, meditate and meditate. To facilitate a deep meditation, hold palm stones, play one of the Solfeggio frequencies and burn sacred candles, incense or oils. Buchu leaf, eyebright, st. john’s wort and mugwort are herbs known for opening the third eye.
  • Dream recall – do you have a question about your project? Ask yourself before going to sleep and keep a dream journal by your bed to record the answer and/or dreams.
  • Create a team of mythical mentors. Whether they are living, dead or even fictive, call upon their energy streams during a daily spiritual practice. Contemplate their journeys, talk to them, and ask for advice.
  • Embody your mythical mentors with beauty rituals inspired by their energy streams. Use their sacred oils, crystals and herbs in ritual baths, perfumes or body oils.
  • Reflective writing – Write down as many ideas as you can. They should be as absurd as possible. Now climb down from these ideas to what’s relevant.
  • Work with upper chakra crystals, including amethyst, angel aura quartz, pink petalite, charoite, azurite and lapis lazuli

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