The Mind-blowing Magic of Ancient Egypt

Dum-Ta-Ka-Ta — the hypnotic drums of Egypt have been calling explorers for thousands of years. Following the sacred beats and poetic Oud melodies, spiritual seekers travel from all corners of the world to experience this ancient land. And what a transformative experience it is! By the end of the journey, the Eye of Horus has awakened the six senses to a world beyond the veil.

A world where the fires of ancient wisdom still burn bright.

But how does Egypt ignite transformation? Surely the austere pyramids and colossal temples bring out our inner Indiana Jones. Still, these ancient sites do more than inspire adventure. They preserve ancient knowledge of rituals and universal laws of nature. And more importantly, they remind us of the temple within that is longing to emerge. 

Now let’s dive into the magic of the ancient Egyptian pyramids!

An Energetic Hot Spot

The ancient Egyptians took great care in selecting a special spot for each pyramid. The land couldn’t just be stable. It had to be powerful to enhance direct contact with subtle realms. And so, the ancients silenced the mind to tune into the invisible electromagnetic paths in the earth called ley lines. 

As our bodies are made up of energy, ley lines have a powerful effect on us. When you stand on or near them, your emotions are amplified. And under the right conditions, ley lines can induce a dreamy, shamanic state. 

Once they found the perfect location for building their future temple, the question was: how can we amplify the energies of this powerful location? 

Sacred Geometry of the Pyramids

Venture out into nature — what do you see? Stately palm trees, rolling hills or desert sand? Or maybe even crashing waves? The ancient Egyptians were keen observers of Mother Earth and her cycles. For them, nature is perfect. And so, they strived to mirror her in architecture to bring divine harmony to the mundane world. 

While observing the earth, they noticed that there are four perfectly harmonious seasons and four elements (fire, earth, air and water). Just as we can’t skip winter without upsetting the balance of nature, we can’t remove the elements. I mean, can you imagine life on Earth without water? Or air?! Each element is essential for life. Naturally, the number 4 symbolizes balance, harmony and stability. 

The pyramid’s four-sided cube foundation mirrors the perfect balance found in nature. But what about the apex point that reaches towards the heavens? 

ancient Egypt

The four 3-sided triangles represent the three planes of existence — the cosmos, Earth and the spirit realm. The ancient Egyptians believed that nothing exists in isolation. When a pyramid is constructed on Earth, it reflects the heavens above and the spirit realm below.

The pyramid truly expresses ‘heaven on earth.’

The pyramid also evokes the archetypal energies of the number 3, or the reconciling relationship between two opposing forces. With light and dark energies fighting in an endless battle, somebody has to step in to play the mediator. But who? The number 3 conveniently steps on the battlefield to bring harmony through relationship.

As Egyptologist John Anthony West says, “Male/female is not a relationship. For there to be a relationship there must be ‘love’ or at least ‘desire’. Likewise, a sculptor and a block of wood will not produce a statue. The sculptor must have ‘inspiration’.” And so, the number 3, and in turn the pyramids, represent the three energies necessary for divine creation.

Still, the Egyptian pyramids do more than communicate philosophies of life. They were created to expand consciousness. According to Egyptologist Emil Shaker, the word “pyramid” means “go forth into the light.” And this was exactly their purpose — to help people reach higher states of awareness. But how did they do it? 

Sacred Sound Chambers

Many believe that pyramids send off healing auditory vibrations. You may not be able to hear them, but that doesn’t mean that these secret sounds aren’t working. As Integrative Oncologist Dr. Mitchell Gaynor says, “If we accept that sound is vibration and we know that vibration touches every part of our physical being, then we understand that sound is heard not only through our ears but through every cell in our bodies.” 

Many experts argue that the ancient Egyptians understood that sound can reorganize the body’s structure for powerful healing. Using a method called ‘toning’, musicologist Laurel Elizabeth Keys says that they manipulated the vowel sound using breath and voice to make therapeutic sounds. This same technique was used when building the pyramids, particularly those along the Band of Peace. 

Late archaeologist Abd’el Hakim Awyan explains that every chamber within those pyramids has a specific sound frequency replicating the harmonics of the cavities in the human body. “Sound healing techniques were then used to restore the body to the correct harmonics,” he says. 

Magical Materials

Magical building materials also add another layer of power to these sacred structures. The legendary Hermes Trismegistus allegedly said that Egypt was built in the image of heaven, using sacred rocks and stones that become ‘enlivened through magic’. 

And it’s true that the ancient architects chose materials with a high vibrational frequency. These materials include limestone, quartzite, granite, gold, obsidian and calcite.

For the inner chambers of the pyramids, they used red granite blocks from a quarry 625 miles away in Aswan. Aswan may seem far, but it was worth the extra effort. This particular granite gives off a powerful electrostatic charge, due to its high amount of quartz, iron and magnetite. 

The radioactive core was then encased in another electrical conductor — limestone, which contains a high amount of magnesium.

For the icing on this cosmic cake, Tura limestone dressed the outside of the pyramid. This shimmering white stone acted as a powerful insulator, keeping all those high vibes inside the temple. 

Lastly, to paint the columns and walls on the inside of the temple, the ancients used crushed malachite, carnelian, turquoise and lapis lazuli

The vibrational frequency of these stones make them particularly potent for directing energy towards a specific intention. After choosing the building materials, the ancient architects ‘enlivened’ them through sacred intention. 

Shamanic Rituals

While sacred geometry, sound healing and gemstones amp up the energy of the magical location, it wasn’t everything. To reach higher states of awareness, the ancient Egyptians used another important method — shamanic ritual.

In the book “The Union of Isis and Thoth: Magic and Initiatory Practices of Ancient Egypt,” Normandi Ellis and Nicki Scully say that before taking a seat on the throne, the pharaoh experienced a ritual shamanic death so that he could be reborn into the light. Hence the meaning of the word pyramid or “go forth into the light.” 

The ritual may have started with taking sacred herbs (possibly blue lotus tea), and entering into a trance state. Next, the newbie pharaoh was bound in mummy cloths from head to toe. Wrapped up like a mummy, he was then put inside a tomb. In complete darkness, the pharaoh was left alone in the tomb for three whole days! Clearly, royal life wasn’t all lavish parties and decadent delights.

Mummy model in Egyptian village near Cairo

But one precious gift came out of this intense ritual. After symbolically dying and coming back to life, the pharaoh was bestowed with an elevated state of awareness. He would then use his superconsciousness to inform his rulership. 

Enlightened change was a complex process, using all of mother nature’s tools. Magical layer upon layer, the ancient Egyptians created a temple that reminds us of the temple already within.

Have you ever visited the Egyptian pyramids? What was your experience? Share in the comments!

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