The Magic of Color: How To Use Colors For Healing

Ahh Mila’s very first year on Earth.. Even at 11-months-old, we all knew her favorite color was blue. She would get a big grin on her face when I remembered her blue unicorn beanie, and would chase only the blue balls in the park. And you can only guess the color of her favorite outfits.

Colors are an unconscious, intuitive language that we just understand without any rhyme or reason. Take babies for instance, nobody needs to teach them how to cry to communicate an upset tummy. From the minute they enter our world, they just know how to let us know when they’re uncomfortable. It’s the same for colors. We can feel the energy of colors, as they send information to our brains about physical, emotional and spiritual states. Even colors beyond our five senses in the auric field!

The Meaning of Colors

In all spiritual traditions, colors hold deep meaning and symbolism. In Judaism, the Torah instructs the Israelites to dye a section of their prayer shawl blue to remind them of God and Heaven. While in Hinduism, brides wear red at weddings and women are wrapped in red cloth upon their death to represent sensuality and purity.

Here is a summary of the significance of each color:


Strength, courage, independence, pioneer, active, passionate, motivated, physical energy, stamina, stability and materialism


Adaptable, diplomatic, enthusiasm, tactful, warmth, thoughtfulness, sociability, creativity and sexuality


Happy, logic, clarity of thought, creativity, personal power, confidence, humour, optimism, communicative and fun


Peaceful, nurturing, love, balance, acceptance, renewal, growth, fertility, prosperity and healing


Adventurous, inner peace, sincere, truth, sensual, honesty and self-expression


Higher awareness, philosophical, intuition, wisdom, transformation, enlightenment and imagination


Femininity, unconditional love, sweetness, friendship, nurturing and innocence


Humanitarian, prosperity, compassionate, confidence and courage


Purity, forgiveness, truth, cleansing, hope, faith, humility and healing


Sophistication, mystery, power, the unconscious and protection

How To Use Colors For Healing

Going beyond symbolism, many traditions use colors to change their energy. In Buddhism, for instance, buddhists meditate on blue to transform anger into knowledge.

You, too, can use colors for profound healing of the mind, body and spirit. Here’s how:

At the crack of dawn, identify how you are feeling and how you would like to feel. Once you have set an intention for the day, find the color that corresponds with your intention.

Call upon that color’s properties by consciously choosing the color of your outfit and the objects in your bag, living and work space. Consider using candles, crystals, exotic fabric, gel pens and plants in your chosen color.

Lastly, in meditation, visualise the color surrounding your body, infusing your being with its energetic properties.

What colors are you working with? Share in the comments!

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