The Lovers Tarot Card

Love – Relationships – Unity

Once Upon A Time

a soul found its divine match. As they stripped each layer of clothing, they exposed flickers of their true selves. Until finally, the lovers faced each other naked, reflecting back to one another their past, present and dreams. With no secrets and complete trust, a sacred union was formed.

The Lovers Wisdom

The Lovers teaches us to stay true to our personal beliefs and values. When you communicate openly, the love channel between you and your partner is crystal clear. As you surrender into the depths of each other’s souls, a meaningful connection is formed. Your souls have merged, forming a harmonious relationship based on mutual respect and love.

The Lovers also has a message for those times when we go into people pleasing mode. When you put everyone else’s needs before your own, you actually close off to real love. Others only see you for what you do, instead of your divine essence. The Lovers teaches us to let go of duties that aren’t ours, and even let others do some of our heavy lifting.


Sacred Oils

  • Dragon’s blood
  • Ginseng
  • Ylang ylang
  • Tuberose

Reflective Writing Questions

  • What are my values and beliefs?
  • Do I feel safe sharing my true feelings and values?
  • Am I ready to receive an abundance of love?


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