The Empress Tarot Card

Beauty – Creativity – Fertility

Once Upon A Time

There once was a beautiful, full-figured Empress who embodies the full spectrum of femininity from Maiden to Mother and Crone. Ruled by Venus, the Empress lounges on red velvet cushions in a lush garden. As she munches on succulent cherries and pomegranates, vibrant flowers and golden wheat sprout up from all around her. Connected to the cosmos and the cycles of nature, the earth goddess whispers her secret to infinite creativity to anybody who will listen.

The Empress Wisdom

Can you guess her secret to limitless creativity? Through art, music, writing and more, this earth goddess sprinkles beauty galore. A little jaunt in nature is all she needs to awaken the senses and nourish her soul. Connected to the rhythms of nature, she is ripe with creative potential. You see, time in nature not only calms the monkey mind, it also increases energy, and puts you back in harmony with Mother Earth — the most abundant goddess of them all. And with your inner well filled to the brim, you can hear your creative muse loud and clear.

The Empress also teaches us to nurture the soul with life’s simple pleasures. So, in the name of creative inspiration, wine, dine and dig into the joys of life, in moderation of course! The Empress encourages you to connect with your senses through taste, touch, sound, smell and sight. In a radiant wheel of warm orange light, pleasure and creativity go hand in hand. When you surround yourself with life’s pleasures and offer gratitude for all that you have, you can create more abundance in your life.

Still, she has one more trick up her sleeve. With her rose-colored lenses, the Empress sees the beauty in everything — even in the most mundane or dull of things. And she encourages you to do the same. Take a moment to marvel at the wonders of the natural world. Isn’t it beautiful? Awe-inspired by her ripe surroundings, she sees infinite possibilities to manifest and create for the highest good.


Sacred Oils

  • Hazel
  • Olive
  • Sunflower
  • Amber
  • Rose
  • Ylang-ylang
  • Pomegranate

Reflective Writing Questions

  • Am I taking the time to connect with nature?
  • Do I see the beauty in all things?
  • How can I fill my inner well?
  • What brings me pleasure?
  • What am I being called to create?


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