The Emperor Tarot Card

Authority – Success – Stability

Once Upon A Time

There once was a powerful emperor, who sat calmly on his throne adorned with ram heads. As the leader of a massive empire, the emperor set out to establish order and stability through disciplined action. With his trusty plan in hand, step by step he laid the foundation for his legacy. His land may have had a lot of rules, but his people always felt safe and protected. They knew that the emperor had the power, wisdom and divine protection to lead them to better days.

The Emperor Wisdom

The Emperor teaches you to approach your dreams with practical planning. But before mapping out a strategic plan, you first need a clear mind. Start by being aware of your state of mind. Is negative self-talk holding you back? Reprogram any limiting mindsets with ones that are positive and nurturing. You have the power to control your thoughts, and in turn, your reality.

With a crystal clear mind, you can now see all the elements at play. The Emperor now calls on you to design a plan to build your dream. Of course, a plan can easily remain a shiny piece of paper. You also need to establish structured routines to make it happen. Is there a new habit you can create? Perhaps a morning ritual or 10 minutes at lunch. Or maybe you are a night owl and feel called to create a night routine. One step at time, you will build your dreams. But remember, building a legacy takes time. Have patience and trust the process.


  • Jasper
  • Aragonite
  • Black tourmaline
  • Ruby

Sacred Oils

  • Rosemary
  • Vetiver
  • Pine
  • Palo santo
  • Oakmoss
  • Bay laurel

Reflective Writing Questions

  • What is my dream and why is it important?
  • Are there limiting mindsets or beliefs holding me back? And how am I going to rephrase them?
  • What practical steps do I need to take to manifest my dream?
  • Are there new habits or rituals I can adopt?


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