Sun Signs in Astrology: Your Heroic Archetype on your Life Journey

The Sun is the center of our solar system. All the planets dance around the glowing orb. Naturally, the Sun in your birth chart is the center of your personality, essence, and ego. It’s the focal point for self-actualization and expanding consciousness.

Your inner Sun asks: Who am I? What is my purpose? And how can I expand my personal power? In essence, your Sun sign indicates your fullest, brightest expression as an individual.

Just as Sun’s rays bring vitality and a golden glow, your Sun sign indicates how to feed your spirit or life force. It’s your “elixir” to shine more brightly.

Joseph Campbell, a comparative mythologist and philosopher, explained that everyone goes on their own Hero’s Journey. In astrology, the Hero’s Journey is the journey to become your Sun sign. Yes, you’re the star of your own film! Here is how your heroic story goes:

Your Solar Journey

At first, you can’t shake the nagging feeling that you are meant to do more than eat, sleep, work, and die. You’re special.

The Call

Then, you receive the “call to adventure”. It may come in the form of a dream, intuitive flash, an opportunity, a karmic relationship, or a major crisis (hello, Saturn Return!). But you have a choice — will you answer “the call” or not?

Despite its bravado, the ego is hesitant to take the leap. Self-expression is scary. It means that you become separate from your family circle. And there is guilt that comes from embarking on your own path.

Still, the ego needs to be fed. If it isn’t fed, you haven’t truly lived. Energetically drained, you envy others who shine their light. And often an un-lived life results in depression, a sense of failure, or self-destructive behaviors.

Of course, “the call” returns in a different form or life event. After some debate, you say ‘yes’ and embark on the adventure.

sun signs in astrology

The Adventure Begins

Then, poof! Yoda appears. You now have an all-knowing mentor who speaks in riddles. Of course, Yoda doesn’t have to be a real person. It can come from inside in the form of innate talents (thank goodness for harmonious aspects in the natal chart!).

On your solar journey, there’s a nasty obstacle. It may be in the form of an unsupportive family, wicked boss, or a living skeleton (thanks Saturn and difficult aspects to the Sun). You must courageously fight the villain to grow into the hero you are meant to be.

Sun signs in astrology

Once you vanquish the villain, your reward is more precious than any treasure, gold, or kingdom. Your reward is a nugget of your divine identity.

As a result, your perspective shifts. Friends fall away. New passions emerge. And your daily life changes. You try to return to your old life and friends, but you feel like an extraterrestrial.

The Adventure Continues

And so, the solar journey continues… Because the Sun is always ‘becoming’. In the sequel, the villain returns in another form.

Sun signs in astrology

Still, you persevere and achieve immortality. Well almost…

You have offered something of lasting value to future generations. Ultimately, your evolution doesn’t just benefit you. It benefits the collective.

Your Heroic Archetype

In this article, you will discover the hero or heroine which best represents the essence and qualities of your Sun sign. Each heroic archetype has a mission and life lessons. By going on your heroic journey, you develop a healthy ego and shine bright like the Sun.

Aries Sun Sign

Heroic Archetype: Mars, the Warrior, or Gladiator

Mission: If you have Sun in Aries, dare to be a pioneer, leader, or entrepreneur. You are developing the courage and willpower to act decisively in the face of frightening crises. And you are learning to blaze new trails.

Aries sun sign

Taurus Sun Sign

Heroic Archetype: Venus, Aphrodite, or Goddess Ceres

Mission: If you have Sun in Taurus, experience the world through your senses to find serenity. You are developing your self-worth and self-love. And you are learning that security doesn’t come from money, possessions, or land. True security comes from within.

Taurus sun sign

Gemini Sun Sign

Heroic Archetype: Hermes or the Storyteller

Mission: If you have Sun in Gemini, observe and experience everything. You are gathering all the facts, even facts that don’t support the common worldview. You are developing your library of raw information. But to do so, you must ask. Hence, you are developing the art of communication, a balance between listening and speaking.

Gemini sun sign

Cancer Sun Sign

Heroic Archetype: The Mother or the Moon Goddess

Mission: If you have Sun in Cancer, you are learning to feel the feelings without being overwhelmed by them. You are becoming fluent in the language of emotion. And you are being challenged to shed the shell (with caution) to love truly.

Cancer sun sign

Leo Sun Sign

Heroic Archetype: The Creator or the Performer

Mission: If you have Sun in Leo, you are challenged to create something from the heart. Some may support your self-expression while others inhibit it. Still, you are learning to create and perform without needing an applause or praise. Keep shining your light and the right audience will find you.

Leo sun sign

Virgo Sun Sign

Heroic Archetype: The Perfectionist or the Analyst

Mission: If you have Sun in Virgo, you are striving towards an ideal. You see the potential, but there is a fine line between self-criticism and self-acceptance. You are learning to cultivate healthy humility. After refining your skills, you transform. Only then can you offer yourself to the world.

Virgo sun sign

Libra Sun Sign

Heroic Archetype: The Diplomat or the Artist

Mission: If you have Sun in Libra, you are on a journey to create harmony in your relationships and the environment. Born into conflict, you seek the inner peace that a balanced outer world brings. By playing with extremes, you are mastering paradoxes. Indeed, you are learning how to balance two opposites — whether its opposing points of view or opposing people — while not compromising your truth.

Libra sun sign

Scorpio Sun Sign

Heroic Archetype: The Transformer or the Sorcerer

Mission: If you have Sun in Scorpio, you strive to live each moment with intensity as if it were your last. Confronted with your own mortality, you are delving into the darkest corners of the psyche. And you are learning how to acknowledge, integrate, and transmute pain.

Scorpio sun sign

Sagittarius Sun Sign

Heroic Archetype: The Student, the Gypsy or the Philosopher

Mission: If you have Sun in Sagittarius, you are on a perpetual quest for wisdom and the meaning of life. You are challenged to explore exotic horizons without falling into the trap of dogma. Through experiencing foreign cultures, you expand awareness. You are learning when to leap into the unknown.

Sagittarius sun sign

Capricorn Sun Sign

Heroic Archetype: The Father or the CEO

Mission: If you have Sun in Capricorn, you can scale any mountain, but you are learning about integrity. You are aligning your inner identity with your public persona. Indeed, your public role must align with your values, ideals, and true self. You are learning that true success can only be defined by your heartfelt desires, not the public.

Capricorn sun sign

Aquarius Sun Sign

Heroic Archetype: The Humanitarian or the Genius

Mission: If you have Sun in Aquarius, your antennae is connected to higher dimensions. Despite peer and cultural pressures, you are learning to find true liberation, or the freedom to express yourself and to evolve humanity. You are challenged to use your genius in service of humanity’s evolutionary growth.

Aquarius sun sign

Pisces Sun Sign

Heroic Archetype: The Mystic, the Dreamer, or the Poet

Mission: If you have Sun in Pisces, you understand that our experience of reality is in our own minds. Indeed, the world is a dream. So, escape into the mind and stretch its limits. But don’t forget to bring your dreams down to Earth. You are developing the boundaries and self-discipline needed to show the world what’s possible.

Pisces sun sign

What’s your Sun sign? And what movie, fairy tale, or mythic story can you relate to most? Share in the comments!

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