Spiritual Travel Pacific

Let’s wander down under to the kingdom of kangaroos, kookaburras and cockatoos. As you breathe in the salty air, you get a whiff of the lemon scented eucalyptus trees. With nothing but sea spray, sunshine and the occasional furry marsupial, your spirit soars.

Your inner Jacque Cousteau has come out to play. Ripping heavy surf and scuba diving with whale sharks are all on the menu today. You’re a free spirit on the adventure of a lifetime. Still, amidst the wild adventures, you find sacred moments to simply be and marvel at this jaw-dropping jewel of the Pacific.


Energetic Archetypes

Hawaiian Goddess Hina

The sexy and savvy Hawaiian goddess captures the attention of both men and Gods alike.

Polynesian Goddess Pele

The bold goddess of all things fire and volcanoes can blaze a trail of either ash or new life — depending on her volatile mood.

Photo by Johan Mouchet on Unsplash


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