Spiritual Travel Asia

From timeless temples to tropical beaches and snow-capped mountains, Asia is the destination for spiritual seekers. Behind every eastern marvel, cosmic messages hide under sacred symbols and mythic stories. It would take many lifetimes to unravel the divine knowledge of our Asian ancestors. However, story by story the mysteries of the Universe become known.


Goddesses of Asia


Goddess Kuan Yin

The beloved goddess holds off on entering Nirvana so that she can help free humans from endless karmic cycles and reach enlightenment.


Goddess Durga

The warrior goddess Durga helps you fight your inner fears from a place of love. Call on her to take courageous strides in service of humanity.

Goddess Kali

The dark goddess uses destruction as a tool of creation. Swinging her sword and flaunting her sharp fangs, she destroys what is no longer needed to facilitate new beginnings.

Goddess Lakshmi

The radiant goddess of love, beauty and abundance, shows us the path to living a radiant and abundant life.

Goddess Saraswati

The goddess of knowledge, music, and art inspires all creation with her divine light and wisdom.

Goddess Shakti

The Hindu goddess embodies creative power, and rules over the dynamic forces that create all that is within the cosmos.


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