Spiritual Travel Americas

Let’s venture to the land of shimmering mountain peaks and red-rock deserts. Let’s fly above the Amazon rainforests and dip our toes in the great Pacific. Pachamama invites you to travel in spirit to the sacred lands of the Native Americans. As you enter her mystical temple, feel the warm smoke of her sacred herbs washing away everything that no longer serves you. With “Great Spirit” leading the way, you embark on a transformational rite of passage.


Goddesses of the Americas


Goddess Pachamama

The powerful Incan goddess of growth and fertility is a generous deity, constantly bringing new life to the planet. 


Goddess Sedna

The Inuit goddess rules over the ocean and the subconscious. Her tragic transformation from a beautiful woman to the goddess of the sea will leave you in tears.


Goddess Ix Chel

The Maya goddess of the Moon, water and birth is also a talented weaver. Her stormy love affair with the Sun god is legendary.

Photo by Nik Shuliahin on Unsplash