Spirit Animals

From the creepy crawlies to soaring birds, fish and land mammals, spirit animals provide us with divine wisdom and clarity to light the path ahead.

When a fury fellow appears to you repetitively, in a dream, or in some strange way, pay attention to the symbols. It could help you stay on the path to becoming the highest version of yourself.

Whether your spirit animal appears to you or not, you can always channel their energy to support your journey for self-actualization.

Fire Spirit Animals

In the south, our scaly friends reside, helping us shed our skin of what does not serve us in order to make room for conscious change.

Earth Spirit Animals

The slow moving creatures reside in the north, symbolizing wisdom and grounding energies.

Air Spirit Animals

Our winged creatures reside in the east. They are messagers, bringing new insights and clarity.

Water Spirit Animals

Ocean spirits are represented in the west. While they may be the oldest creatures on our planet, they have a soft underbelly, signifying their sensitivity.

Mythical Creatures

Residing in cosmic realms, mythical creatures are the keepers of ethereal wisdom beyond this world.


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