Solar Magic

Turn your face to the Sun and the shadows will fall behind you.


The luminous fire of this massive star shines day and night. While we spin on our axis, making a complete 360-degree rotation every 24 hours, we also orbit the Sun in a yearly transit. And of course, the Sun is at center stage in our solar system. It seems stationary to us, but it’s also moving – just extremely slowly.

What is a Solar Eclipse?

Eclipses add a little excitement to our lives. During solar eclipses, the Moon is directly between the Earth and Sun, blocking out the Sun’s light.

Still confused? Let me break it down for you…

For the most part, the Earth, Moon, and Sun do not perfectly align because the Moon’s orbit around Earth is about 5 degrees off from Earth’s orbit around the Sun. However, when they do line up, we experience a solar and lunar eclipses.

A solar eclipse occurs at the New Moon when the Moon’s shadow crosses Earth’s surface. It is a time when the rug is pulled right out from under your feet. Secrets from your waking life are revealed and you may be forced to consider out of the box alternatives.

Harness the Solar Eclipse

Solar eclipses are an opportunity to take giant leaps of faith!

It’s a time to gain clarity on your vision in alignment with your soul’s calling. Use this potent energy to hold that vision in your mind’s eye and trust that it will manifest in perfect time.

Solar eclipses propel us forward, attracting the right events and people needed to manifest your vision. No heavy lifting or obsessing on “the plan” required. All you have to do is feel your vision with every cell in your body.

Trust your intuition, as it is particularly powerful during this New Moon. It will also guide decision-making when forks in the road appear. When properly embraced, intuition helps us ride the current of life with ease, welcoming in even grander opportunities than we could ever imagine.


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