Signs you’re clairaudient + how to develop your psychic gift

It was 5AM. Sitting at the edge of my bed, the light from the full moon led me like a zombie to my meditation corner. Ahh complete silence, my favorite time of day. All I could hear was a strange buzzing sound, a crisp breeze, and the birds singing their morning song.

In complete darkness, I opened my feature film outline inspired by the Aztecs during the 16th century. I was developing the profile of one of the supporting characters based on a historical figure named Gerónimo de Aguilar. Aguilar is a friar from Spain who was shipwrecked near the Yucatán Peninsula. He was then captured by a Maya tribe. As a slave for eight years, he learned the Mayan language. Long story short, he eventually became Spanish Conquistador Hernán Cortés’s translator.

As I filled out the character questionnaire, I noticed that the answers weren’t coming from me. A loud voice in my head was answering the questions about Aguilar’s backstory and goals. Could this be Aguilar himself? The voice claimed that Aguilar was a devout Christian, and frowned upon the Maya religion and their practice of human sacrifices. His life mission was to convert the natives to Christianity and save their souls.

After I finished Aguilar’s profile, I started working on another supporting character. But this time, the only voice in my head was my own imagination.


What is clairaudience?

Referred to as “clear hearing“, clairaudience is the ability to hear higher dimensional frequencies beyond the physical auditory human limits. Clairaudients have a ‘little voice’ in their head which shares profound messages through words or sounds. These souls may hear the voices of spirits, otherworldly entities, and the Higher Self. Many writers and musicians have this gift, and use it to channel works of art. Beyond entertainment, their art can touch an emotional cord and heal the collective.

Signs You’re Clairaudient

  • You’re easily overwhelmed by loud noises and spaces
  • You sometimes hear random ringing or buzzing in your ears with no explanation
  • You often talk to yourself or to an imaginary friend
  • You may experience ear popping
  • You crave quiet time, and may need noise-cancelling headphones to work
  • You’re an auditory learner, and process information better when you close your eyes
  • You hear lyrics, poems, melodies, sounds, or voices from an unknown source
  • In your natal chart, Mercury in the 12th house can be an indicator of clairaudience, as well as any Mercury/Neptune aspects

If you have more than five of these signs, you may be clairaudient. Of course, anyone can develop clairaudience with these practices.

How To Develop Clairaudience

Avoid listening to low vibrational music

When you listen to music, you are working with the vibration of the artist at the moment of recording. So, if the group was abusing alcohol or drugs, they encode a low vibration to their music. And when you listen to that piece of music, you entrain to that same low vibration.

Listen to sacred sounds

Some melodies are mathematically sound, leaving us with awe-inspired goosebumps. And some sounds even have the power to heal the body, mind and spirit. These healing sounds are known as the Solfeggio frequencies. The Solfeggio frequencies make up the harmonious 6-tone scale used in sacred music since the 11th century. The 3, 6, and 9 are fundamental root vibrations of these frequencies, making them mathematically consistent with the patterns found in nature.

Meditate in silence

I love guided meditations, but sometimes we need complete silence to hear subtle messages. Dedicate 10-minutes each day to your silent meditation practice.

Know your authentic voice

Notice the words, phrases, expressions and tone that you use when communicating. This way, you can determine what comes from your own thoughts, and what comes from outside yourself.

Play sacred instruments, such as wind chimes, singing bowls, shaman drums, or rattles

Work with throat chakra, third eye chakra, and crown chakra crystals and sacred oils

Are you clairaudient? Share your clairaudient experiences in the comments!

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