Seasonal Rituals

We are not separate from nature. We are part of the same energetic forces that make up the earth and the cosmos. When the moon ebbs and flows from New Moon to Full Moon and back, we feel it in our bones. And when the seasons fluctuate, we fluctuate too.

Mother Earth calls on us to listen to the whispers of nature as it cycles through the four seasons. She asks us to intuitively turn inward with warm spices in the winter, and bloom with light floral notes in the spring. With seasonal rituals, let’s celebrate life, death and life again.


The Four Seasons

Spring Rituals

Bye, bye chilly winds and frosty landscapes! The buzzing bees and chirping birds warmly invite everyone out of their winter slumber. The sun is peaking through the heavy clouds, illuminating cheerful blooms. And stirring just beneath the fertile soil, new life is born. Shake off the bitter numbness of winter. It’s time to celebrate the return of sweet life!

Summer Rituals

Grab a slice of sweet blueberry pie! It’s time to celebrate the season of culmination with fireworks and parades. At the fiery crescendo of the year, we celebrate all that you have built since winter. You’ve come so far. It’s time to take a sacred pause to soak up some rays. Let the endless sunny days turn into twilight bonfires by the beach. Kumbaya until the break of dawn. Because there is only one thing stronger than magic and that’s community.

Fall Rituals

Whoosh! Under the eerie Hunter’s moon, a crisp, autumn breeze zips through the door. Grab your sweet pumpkin spice latte and peek outside. Home to a family of black ravens, trees glow in delicious shades of honey, amber and cranberry. In a fiery display of foliage, Mother Nature celebrates the abundant harvest one last time this year. As she releases her sunset hued leaves, she calls on you to do the same. Before heading into winter’s cozy abyss, release sticky, maple syrupy mindsets that once held you back. Free from regret and worries, you can now dream of the next harvest. It’s surely to be an abundant one!

Winter Rituals

Bitter-cold temperatures and a sluggish sun mark the beginning of a dark, inner journey. A journey across a bitter cold, yet berry sweet, winter wonderland. Surrounded by slate-gray woods, the days are short, and the nights are long. But you still find the True Path (no compass needed). In the dreamy darkness, your sixth sense holds a glowing lantern, gently illuminating the path towards balance and clarity. By the time the snow melts, you are reborn into alchemical gold.


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