Sea Goddess Bath Salts DIY to reap all the benefits of the sea

Under the sea, ribbons of seaweed sway with the moody currents. And when you look a little closer, you see that the dark brown streams resemble the hair of a sea goddess.

seaweed healing bath recipe

Hina Lau Limu Kala lives on the bottom of the sea alongside manta rays, whales, and glittering creatures. The most beautiful personification of the Polynesian goddess Hina, this mermaid goddess has an incandescent glow tinged with salty sensuality.

goddess Hina

As the divine mother of the Hawaiian people and patroness of kahunas, Hina Lau Limu Kala holds medical knowledge of sea vegetables. In fact, the Hawaiian word for seaweed is limu — hence her name. So, you could say that this Polynesian goddess is an expert in ‘sea plant medicine’.

It may be a specialized field, but the healing potential is vast. Sea vegetables, including seaweeds, seeds, flowers, roots, rhizomes, and stalks, are loaded with healing properties. This is not surprising since these plants spend their days in the mineral bath that is the ocean. And what a decadent bath it is!

seaweed healing bath recipe

Seawater is rich in anti-inflammatory minerals, including magnesium, zinc, iron and potassium. More so, seawater contains up to 85 natural trace elements that help replenish the body’s electrolytes and trace minerals. No wonder a day at the beach feels so rejuvenating!

But alas, a tropical vacation may only be a shimmering mirage in the distant future. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t harness the power of the ocean’s healing waters and flora.

Submerge in Hina’s salty waters with these homemade bath salts. The recipe includes seaweed for holistic healing, and to restore the skin’s elasticity like the snap in a mermaid’s tail.

What You Need

  • Sea salt (2 cups)
  • Coconut oil (4 tablespoons)
  • Sea kelp powder (1 teaspoon)
  • Spirulina powder (1 teaspoon)
  • Vanilla essential oil (1 drop)
  • Jasmine essential oil (2 drops)
  • Rose essential oil (2 drops)
  • Medium-size glass or ceramic bowl
  • Airtight glass jar, preferably in blue or brown
  • Small scallop shell


Mix the salt, coconut oil, sea kelp powder, spirulina powder and essential oils together in the bowl. Transfer to an airtight glass jar. Place a small scallop shell inside the jar to use as a scoop.

In Hawaii, Lei limu kala (wreaths of seaweed) are still offered at fishing shrines to show gratitude for the sea’s gifts. In the Hawaiian spirit, hold the jar in your hands, and give thanks to the sea for this healing blend.

Store the jar in a cool, dry place for up to 6 months. When you use the salts in your next bath, may it feel like a divine day at the beach.

What do you love most about the sea? Share in the comments!

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Photos by Sinitta Leunen and Sylvain Cleymans on Unsplash and Pixelelfe on iStock

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