October 23 – November 21

As the shadowy veil of northern-hemisphere night sinks over autumnal days, Scorpio beckons us into the underworld. “Welcome to my chamber of desire,” whispers Scorpio, with a magnetic gaze and a sexy smile. Scorpio sits on a velvet throne surrounded by lava, glittering obsidian gemstones and decay. Dressed in black lace and silver accents, the dark goddess tends to a phoenix bird on her shoulder. “There, there,” she whispers to the bird, as a hazy cloud rolls in to unveil the land of the dead. Intriguing, yet terrifying.

Scorpio is passionate, mysterious and intense. The zodiac’s bad girl lives for the hardcore elements of human experience. Pushing the boundaries into the deep end, she exposes dark emotions and secret desires. Confronted with the raw truth, she helps us embrace the dark and surrender completely to the cycles of life, death and rebirth. No other sign can bring this level of transformative change.

Of course, not everyone wants to expose the darkest aspects of the human psyche on Scorpio’s onyx path. To all those shrinking souls, Scorpio would secretly say, “too bad.” We might as well be butt naked because Scorpio’s psychic gaze pierces through any BS and superficial glamours directly to the soul.

A natural therapist, Scorpio will swim with you to the depths of the subconscious and untangle your twisted, darkest secrets. After exposing your demons, Scorpio locks them in a vault. Fear not, her lips are forever sealed.

But just because she knows your shadowy secrets, doesn’t mean that you know hers! Like her symbol, the scorpion, she protects herself with a magical armor. You see, she secretly fears powerlessness and rejection. Yet simultaneously, she desires deep connection and intimacy. If Scorpio can overcome her fears and surrender absolute control, anything is possible. Our suffering is transmuted into gold. And ultimately, she brings true intimacy, compassion and spiritual awakening.


Once Upon A Time

The story of Scorpio begins with two divine hunters — the god Orion and the goddess Artemis. Roaming the enchanted forest, Orion bragged that he was the best hunter around. He even threatened to kill every creature on the planet to prove it. Hypnotized by his good looks and charm, Artemis didn’t even try to defend her status as the greatest hunter. Why start a fight when you can make love instead?

While Artemis was steaming up, so was her twin, Apollo (but not in lust). Apollo was so irritated that he began to work with Gaia, the mother goddess, to craft a scorpion that would kill Orion. Eventually, Scorpio was unleashed on the battlefield and won.

Zeus then placed both Orion and the creature in the sky, but on opposite ends, of course. No need to start another battle! Till this day, Orion makes an appearance every winter to hunt. He wouldn’t dare to appear during the hot, summer months when Scorpio reigns.


Sacred Oils

  • Anise
  • Clove
  • Chocolate
  • Ginger
  • Pomegranate
  • Tuberose

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