Looking for additional resources to inspire your journey? Here are some of my favorites:


  • The Stars Within You by Juliana McCarthy
  • Astrology – Using the wisdom of the stars in your everyday life by Carole Taylor
  • Star Power by Vanessa Montgomery
  • Astrology for Wellness by Monte Farber and Amy Zerner
  • Online program by the Astro Twins

Animal Totems

  • Animal Totems and the Gemstone Kingdom by Margaret Ann Lembo
  • Animaux Totems by Dawn Baumann Brunke


  • Whole Beauty by Shiva Rose
  • Hello Glow by Stephanie Gerber
  • Homemade Perfume by Anya McCoy
  • L’Art de la Beauté Zen Japon by Misato Kakizaki & Isabelle Bruno
  • L’Art de la Beauté orientale Méditerranée by Isabelle Bruno

Crystal Healing

  • Crystal Lore, Legends & Myths by Athena Perrakis
  • Crystal Muse by Heather Askinosie and Timmi Jandro
  • Herbs and Crystals DIY by Ally Sands
  • Elemental Energy by Kristin Petrovich
  • Crystal Masters course by Sage Goddess
spiritual books


  • Goddess Power Oracle by Colette Baron Reid
  • Evolution of Goddess by Emma Mildon
  • Goddess Wisdom by Tanishka
  • Find Your Goddess by Skye Alexander
  • 365 Goddess – a daily guide to the magic and inspiration of the goddess by Patricia Telesco
  • Your Goddess Year by Skye Alexander
  • Tamed Wild


  • The Ultimate Guide To Chakras by Athena Perrakis, Ph.D.
  • Complete Wellness by Susan Curtis, Pat Thomas, Julie Wood, Fran Johnson & Fiona Waring


  • The Complete Book of Correspondences by Sandra Kynes


  • Gardiennes de la Luna by Stephanie Lafranque
  • Cosmic Crystals by Ashley Leavy
  • Moon Power by Simone Butler


  • The Norse Myths by Dr. Tom Birkett
  • Toutes les Sagesses du Monde by Gilles Diederichs
  • Nordic Runes by Paul Rhys Mountfort
  • The Complete Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt by Richard H. Wilkinson
  • The Anubis Oracle – A Journey into the Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt by Nicki Scully and Linda Star Wolf
  • Learn Religions

Plant Medicine


Psychic Skills

  • Awaken Clairvoyant Energy by Cyndi Dale
  • Raise Clairaudient Energy by Cyndi Dale



  • The Ultimate Guide To Tarot Card Meanings by Brigit Esselmont, Founder of Biddy Tarot
  • The Book of Tarot by Danielle Noel
  • The Good Tarot Deck by Colette Baron-Reid


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