Reflect & Restore — A Mercury Retrograde Ritual For Cosmic Clarity

In Greek mythology, Mercury, or Hermes, is a trickster god, known for his gift of gab. With his winged shoes, Hermes flies around delivering divine messages on behalf of the almighty Zeus. However, unlike his logical brother Apollo, Hermes is unpredictable, ambiguous and sometimes just flat out puzzling.

Greek god Hermes

So, when Mercury retrograde rolls around, we enter Hermes’s trickster territory. The world as we knew it is flipped upside down during the 3-week period, causing technology, travel and communication breakdowns.

Of course, Mercury retrograde isn’t all bad news. When our world is flipped off its axis, it pushes us to revisit those parts of our lives where we have unresolved baggage. Where in your life do you still have conflict or fear?

Mercury retrograde helps to bring to light any unconscious patterns of which you’re unaware. That ex who suddenly resurfaced may finally bring closure. Or that travel hiccup may highlight your unconscious fear of running out of money.

Just make sure Mercury doesn’t cause colossal damage that lingers even after the retrograde period. Now is the time to lay low and hold off on making any life-changing moves. While you don’t have to be a hermit for three weeks, a short retreat into your inner world can provide some clarity.

When you draw your energy inward and make space for contemplation, this cunning planet gives you a cosmic push in the direction of your higher purpose. You may begin to re-evaluate your personal goals and even make plans to change your overall course. With crystalline clarity, you begin to see the potential in all people and situations.

This Mercury retrograde ritual helps to harness the power of this introspective season. May it bring clarity and restorative energies.

1 – Prepare this oil perfume

This DIY oil perfume harnesses the powers of sandalwood, clary sage, frankincense and spikenard to help guide your meditation. Sandalwood breaks up the mental chatter, while clary sage clears your aura of any negative energies that distract the mind. Frankincense promotes grounding and balance. And to top it off, spikenard takes your meditative experience to new heights.

What You Need

  • Sandalwood Essential Oil – 3 drops
  • Clary Sage Essential Oil – 3 drops
  • Frankincense Essential Oil – 3 drops
  • Spikenard Essential Oil – 3 drops
  • Carrier oil: jojoba, grapeseed or sweet almond oil
  • Amber or blue 10 ml roll-on bottles

Add your essential oils to the bottle. Then, swirl the bottle to combine them. Next, fill the rest of the bottle with your carrier oil. Replace the cap and swirl again. Store in a cool, dry location.

2 – Find a quiet place in nature

Do you live near a beautiful, lush forest or a winding stream? Or maybe the closest thing you have to nature is a small park.

Venture out into nature to breathe in the restorative energy. Bring your oil perfume, a journal and pen.

3 – Reflective Writing

Find a spot that calls to you. Maybe next to a tree or near the shoreline.

In a comfortable seated position, ground your body into the earth, receiving the grounding spirit of nature into your heart and consciousness.

Next, set your intention for clarity and perspective, and apply the oil perfume to your wrists, third eye and feet.

Ask your higher self the following questions, and write your answers down. Don’t worry if your thoughts don’t make sense or seem irrelevant. Just keep writing and let the words flow out onto the page.

reflective writing

4 Reflective Writing Questions

1 – Where in my life do I feel stuck?

2 – Are there patterns that seem to be repeating in that area?

3 – Is there a greater lesson being presented to me?

4 – How can I break free of the bonds that have been holding me back?

Feel free to stay in this meditative space for as long as you need. Let the questions stir in your heart over night, and continue to record your answers in the morning. May this ritual bring cosmic clarity to move in the direction of your soul’s purpose.

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