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Mystic Muse Magazine

A portal into a vibrant new You

Mystic Muse is a multimedia magazine for modern mystics and healers to step into their superpowers. Every season, we go on a journey in spirit to a mystical land in another time. In this healing realm, you’ll expand your consciousness and evolve into your highest potential.

You’ll uncover and develop your hidden talents by exploring astrology, tarot/oracle cards, and numerology. You’ll also enhance your healing, manifestation, and intuitive powers through rituals inspired by energetic archetypes. And you’ll receive practical, actionable, and relevant tips to embody ancient wisdom.

Mystic Muse Magazine

Spiritual Stories that Heal & Empower

About the Magazine

This multidimensional magazine starts December 20, 2022.

Each season you’ll receive a multimedia magazine with stories, videos, audio tracks, and more to dive deep into energy healing, the intuitive arts, and manifestation magic. The theme of each season is inspired by an energetic archetype or mystery tradition. At the end of each season you will embody the wisdom and energies of the theme with a dedicated Dance Ceremony, and reflective writing prompts.

Magazine Contents

Take a deeper look into the contents of each issue

  • Magical Checklist with crystals and essential oils that vibe with the energies of the month
  • A short story, mythology and historical musings
  • Energy Healing Ritual
  • Astrology or numerology for self-exploration
  • Tarot spread to dive deeper into self-exploration
  • Goddess Beauty DIY
  • Sacred Craft DIY
  • Green Goddess Recipe
  • Divine Dance Ceremony
  • A little quiet time in our bungalow for a Reflective Writing activity to integrate the wisdom of the journey

By the end of the year you will have expanded your awareness, integrated ancient wisdom, and activated your magic. Lightyears along the evolutionary path, you will feel divine connection, and confident in your powers to manifest your wildest dreams.

Expand your awareness, integrate ancient wisdom, and activate your magic.

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per year

  • Subscriptions can be canceled at any time
  • 4 digital magazines — one for each season
  • Digital magazines are sent to your inbox on December 20, March 20, June 20, September 20

Do you desire a new media landscape — one that inspires, heals and empowers?

Mystic Muse Magazine is for you if…

  • You resonate as a Mystic, Healer, Lightworker, Starseed, or Priestess
  • You have an insatiable thirst to learn about energy healing, divination and manifestation magic
  • You yearn for a time when the intuitive and healing arts were part of the fabric of society
  • You believe a shimmering new chapter in Earth’s story is on the horizon, and you want tools to create positive change in your life and the world

Mystic Muse Magazine is not for you if…

  • You’re not interested in personal growth or self-actualization
  • You don’t believe in magic and the power of energy healing
  • You prefer mainstream media stories based on hard facts rather than mythic stories
  • You don’t find value in astrology, numerology, tarot, and the intuitive arts
  • You are closed minded

No matter how old you are, storytime can be fun, magical and eye-catching.


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The best stories ignite self-awareness and positive change.


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