Petrified Wood

Grounding – Ancestral Healing – Security

Flying starts from the ground. The more grounded you are, the higher you fly.

– J.R. Rim

Do you feel stuck in your life? Sometimes we come to a point when we feel like our feet are old roots entrenched deep in the earth. Petrified wood offers a calm grounding energy from which to uproot and set off on a different path.

Long ago, this beauty was a living, breathing tree that was ripped out of the earth by harsh weather. After thousands of years buried under foreign soil, all of the organic parts were replaced with minerals and silicon dioxide. To this day, many pieces of petrified wood reveal their prehistoric roots with the annual rings.

When you’re unsure how to deal with a sticky situation, this dessert hued stone helps to dissipate your fears, making way for feelings of security, courage and determination. With petrified wood by your side, you can pinpoint positive solutions and go after them with steadfast conviction.


  • Activates the earth star and root chakras, helping you make a connection with Mother Earth and your ancestors
  • Encourages goal setting, while promoting concentration and mental agility
  • Facilitates past life or ancestral healing

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