The creative person with limitless imagination and no money can make a better film than the talentless mogul with the limitless chequebook every time.

– Robert Rodriguez

Once Upon A Time

a majestic winged horse emerged from the blood of his beheaded mother. At Pegasus’s birth, a huge lightening bolt struck the sky, forever establishing his connection to the heavens.

Sadly, baby Pegasus was left without his parents, Poseidon and Medusa. And so, the nine Muses took him in to their loving care. His nine adoptive mothers were ethereal goddesses that bless artists, philosophers and writers with divine inspiration for original creations.

Surrounded by flickers of magical mojo, Pegasus grew up to become a creative powerhouse. No matter where his hooves strike the earth, a new spring of inspiration appears. And so, wherever Pegasus goes, the fountains of creativity flow.

Pegasus Wisdom

Pegasus teaches us how to open the mind to the mysterious labyrinths of the imagination. Give yourself the time, space and freedom to create without limits. The wild horse finds the perfect balance between freedom to push the creative boundaries and discipline to carry creative projects to completion.


  • Rainbow Fluorite
  • Golden Labradorite
  • Angel Aura


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