Have you ever contemplated the magic of numbers? There is so much more than meets the eye! Numbers are the voice of the universe, helping us uncover the sacred meaning of life’s great mysteries.

And those mysterious digits appear to us in everything in nature from sacred geometry and music to our own DNA. You just may not notice them. Unfortunately, our five senses don’t pick up on the constant vibrations that we can now calculate in hertz.

However, when we start to notice the numbers around us, we begin to understand their vibrational pattern. Often these numbers serve as cosmic signposts, guiding us to the next right step on this crazy journey of life.

The Meaning of Numbers

Here is a summary of the significance of each number:


Number 1

One is ambitious, confident and brave in its quest for glory. A true pioneer — one leads the pack into uncharted territory. Learn more about the number 1.


Number 2

Two symbolizes intuition, duality and the divine feminine. The ultimate partner in crime, two values cooperation and diplomacy above all else. Learn more about the number 2.


Number 3

Three embodies creativity, communication and fertility. Through expressive works of art, this masterful storyteller connects with others. Learn more about the number 3.


Number 4

Four represents structure, stability and rock solid strength. With a little air, fire, water and earth, the number 4 builds a solid foundation for a legacy. Learn more about the number 4.


Number 5

Five symbolizes rebellion, change, storytelling and travel.


Number 6

Six embodies love, harmony and balance.


Number 7

Seven represents insight, research and spiritual mastery.


Number 8

Eight represents the flow of energy. This can be in the form of mastery, money, status, influence or success – the language of our modern world. Learn more about the number 8.


Number 9

Nine holds all the wisdom, human experiences and every number that came before it. It symbolizes introspection and the ending of a cycle. Learn more about the number 9.


Number 11

Eleven represents intelligence, enlightenment and mastery.


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