Numerology Insights: the Magic of the Number 22

Building a business is not rocket science, it’s about having a great idea and seeing it through with integrity.

– Richard Branson (Life Path 22)

Master Numbers

Hold on tight! We’re turning up the energy until massive shockwaves ripple across the planet.

In numerology, the numbers 11, 22, and 33 hold serious power. Known as Master Numbers, these high voltage double digits symbolize the three phases of creation: envisioning, building, and sharing. Weaved together like starlight, 11 is the grand visionary, 22 is the masterful architect, and 33 is the spiritual teacher.

Sounds like all good news, right? Well… Master Numbers require struggle in order to fully access their potential. If you’re navigating a 11, 22, or 33 life path, have patience and stay the course. The reward will be worth your efforts.

The Meaning of 22

Are you navigating a 22 life path or a 22 year in numerology? The number 22 turns up the frequency on the numbers 2 and 4. Let me explain: when you reduce 22 to single digits (two 2s), then add each of the single digit numbers together (2 + 2), you get 4.

Practical, yet intuitive, the number 22 holds the power of mega manifestation. No dream is too lofty for the Master Builder. The number 22 sees the big picture. He then uses rational thinking, processes, and spot-on instincts to bring the heavens down to earth. A practical mystic, 22 has the brain power to turn his dreams into reality.

Along the unmarked trail, the number 22 is called to step out of his comfort zone and take risks. Of course, there will be setbacks (the fear of failure and overwhelm included). Nevertheless, 22 has the determination, perseverance, and leadership skills to overcome them. The result: creations that empower humanity for generations. 

But the number 22 leaves more than solid structures that stand the test of time. 22 also leaves a mark in our hearts. An inspiring teacher and leader, he can break down information into bite-size nuggets, and inspire others to be the best they can be. The world is truly a better place with number 22.

Life Path 22 Celebrities: Richard Branson, the 14th Dalai Lama, Paul McCartney

How has the number 22 been showing up in your life? Share in the comments!

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