Norse Goddess Skadi Candle DIY

In the dark of winter, it’s time to embrace our wild, untamed nature. Skadi, the Norse goddess of winter and the hunt, is stormy and unpredictable, yet determined to live life to its fullest. She is fierce and relentless in her pursuit of equality for women.

Skadi helps us survive the bitter cold winter, and to move from dark times into the light. She brings vision and clarity to darkness and confusion. We all go through dark phases in our lives. Skadi inspires us to live authentically everyday.

Navigate into the light with this DIY candle project inspired by Skadi.

What you need

Makes 1

  • 120 grams of soy wax pellets
  • Glass container
  • Double boiler
  • Cotton candle wick
  • Wick sticker
  • 2 wooden chopsticks
  • Black Phantom Quartz to bring light into the dark aspects of the self, release self-judgment, and bring courage.
  • Sodalite for Skadi’s Bow and Arrow to allow for messages from Source to come through to you in your dreams.
  • Black onyx to protect your personal energy field and calm your fears
  • 10 drops of pine, Siberian pine, and peppermint essential oils
  • 5 drops of cardamom and cedar wood essential oils

1 – Charge your crystals in the mountains

Head to the mountains to attune to the energy of winter.

Sit on the ground comfortably with your crystals in your non-dominant hand, and your dominant hand covering it.

Close your eyes, and take slow, deep breaths of the icy, winter wind. Each time you inhale, visualise Skadi’s icy, cool energy flowing into your lungs and spreading through your body and crystals, bringing strength and determination. As you exhale, release any tension you may be feeling.

Feel the quiet energy of the earth beneath you. Sense the darkness around you, as you ground deeper into the earth.

When you feel ready, offer Skadi a small gift of gratitude, then slowly open your eyes and return to present time.

2 – Craft your candle

  • Now that your crystals are charged with Skadi’s energy, it’s time to craft your magical candle.
  • Fill up the candle container twice with the wax flakes, then pour them into the double boiler (if you don’t have a double boiler, place the wax in a stainless steel bowl in a large pot filled with 5 — 8 cm of water).
  • Prepare your candle container by adhering the wick sticker to the bottom of the container. You may need to secure it with a little hot wax or glue. Wrap the top of the wick around a chopstick that’s laid across the top of your container. This will help prevent the wick from moving around when you pour in the hot wax. Then add your crystals to the bottom of the container.
  • Turn the flame to medium, and slowly melt the wax for about 6 — 8 minutes, giving it a stir with a wooden spoon every few minutes.
  • Once the wax is melted, turn off the heat and add in your essential oils, stirring with the chopstick to combine. Pour the melted wax in the glass container. Wait a few hours before adding a touch of crystals to the top of the container. Once the wax is hard, trim the wick so that it measures a few inches. Let them set for 1-2 days before using.

3 – Decorate your candle

Place your candle in the center of a decorative plate. Add clear crystals or glass to represent Skadi’s power to bring snow.

You can also scatter your gemstones around the candle.

With that, I’m wishing you all a beautiful winter as you navigate to the light.

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