Mystic Travel Magazine

Are you ready to travel across space and time?

Mystic Travel Magazine

A portal into magical traditions from around the world

Mystic Travel is a digital travel magazine inspired by magical traditions from around the world. Each month, we go on a journey in spirit to a foreign land in another time. In this sacred realm, our ancestors bring wisdom that help us navigate the astrological season.

Do you need more magic in your life?

In our present day macho world, society praises action and tangible results, charging ahead at full speed. No time for feelings or hunches. Ever expanding To Do Lists rule our lives. Major decisions are made by carefully calculating the pros and cons with solid facts and logic. Naturally, our modern life can feel mundane and less than magical.

And so, we escape the daily grind in our favorite television shows, movies and books. And this is all fine and good when the underlying messages feed our soul. But, most of the time the stories we consume reinforce negative mindsets and do not help us better navigate our lives.

But, what if the stories we consume...

  • activate an inner wisdom?
  • help us evolve into our fullest potential?
  • were aligned to the energies of the astrological season?
  • help us navigate these challenging times with ease and grace?

We created Mystic Travel Magazine to bring awe-inspiring wonder to your day, while awakening an inner knowing.

Each month, we harness the energies of the stars by traveling in spirit to a foreign land in another time that aligns to the energies of the astrological season. With beauty rituals, mythic stories, soul journeys, sacred crafts, cosmic playlists and more, we awaken magical traditions from around the world.

Venus retrograde

From the Aztecs and Mayans to the Ancient Egyptians and Druids, our ancestors honored the cycles of nature, Mother Earth, and lived between the spirit and earthly realms. They were magical souls with cosmic knowledge of manifestation magic and divination techniques. A true embodiment of love, wisdom and balance — they led their communities down the path of self-development. With these divine ancestors whispering in your ear, our vision is that you are better able to navigate your daily life.

Mystic Travel is for you if you...

  • resonate as a Mystic, Healer, Lightworker, Starseed, or Priestess
  • LOVE to travel! And may even dream of becoming a spiritual retreat junkie
  • have an insatiable thirst to learn about healing traditions, divination and manifestation magic
  • are fascinated by astrology and would love a fun way to harness the powers of the astrological cycles
  • want a break from the daily grind to fill up your inner well
  • are a dreamer and love to get lost in fantastic stories that feed your soul
  • yearn for a time when the intuitive and healing arts were part of the fabric of society
crystal healing

What You Receive

A 40+ page digital magazine, including the followings articles:

  • An explanation of the Energies of the Month, according to astrology and numerology
  • A Travel Check List with the crystals, herbs and more that you can use throughout the month to call in the energies of the destination
  • A meditative story to journey in spirit to the time and place of the month's travel destination
  • Historical information and myths about the magical tradition
  • Meet your Cosmic Travel Guide! A meditative story to meet your spirit guide of the month
  • The Story of your Cosmic Travel Guide, includes stories and information about your spirit guide
  • Mythic Journey around the sacred sites to learn about the region's magical herbs. You may even meet a spirit animal or two!
  • Magical Recipe is a delicious recipe that you can make at home to call in the energies of the magical tradition
  • Divine Beauty Ritual is a beauty ritual DIY, inspired by our month's spirit guide, to wind down and relax into the energies of the month
  • Sacred Celebration! No vacation is complete without a celebratory party. That's why we created a cosmic playlist, inspired by the magical tradition, so you can shimmy, shake and slither your way through the month
  • Intuitive Arts & Crafts Corner is a fun craft DIY to integrate the lessons of the season
  • A little quiet time in our bungalow for a Reflective Writing activity
  • A Bonus Article to further align to the energies of the season


By a single issue or monthly subscription to the digital magazine

  • One-time purchase: $8
  • Monthly subscription: $6.95

Subscriptions can be modified or canceled at any time.

Digital subscriptions are charged and emailed on the 20th of every month.

Option to buy the print version is coming soon.

The calls of the wild invite you to uncover the ancient secrets of our ancestors. To be held by their memories. To look a little deeper.