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Are you ready to travel across space and time?

Mystic Muse Magazine

A portal into magical traditions from around the world

Mystic Muse is a digital travel magazine inspired by magical traditions from around the world. Every month, we go on a journey in spirit to a mystical land in another time. In this sacred realm, our ancestors help us better navigate our modern lives.

Do you need more magic in your life?

We often escape the daily grind in our favorite television shows, movies and books. And this is all fine and good when the underlying messages feed our soul. But, most of the time the stories we consume reinforce negative mindsets and do not bring healing.

What if the stories we consume…

  • activate an inner wisdom?
  • help us evolve into our fullest potential?
  • bring healing of the mind, body and soul?
  • help us navigate these challenging times with ease and grace?

Mystic Muse magazine is for you if…

  • You resonate as a Mystic, Healer, Lightworker, Starseed, or Priestess
  • You have an insatiable thirst to learn about energy healing, divination and manifestation magic
  • You want a break from the daily grind to fill up your inner well
  • You are a dreamer and love to get lost in fantastic stories that feed your soul
  • You yearn for a time when the intuitive and healing arts were part of the fabric of society

What You Receive

  • Magical Checklist with crystals and essential oils that vibe with the energies of the month
  • A short story, mythology and historical musings
  • The Oracle Tarot spread
  • Crystal Healing Ritual
  • Goddess Beauty DIY
  • Sacred Craft DIY
  • Green Goddess Recipe
  • Divine Dance Moves
  • Astrology or numerology for self-exploration
  • A little quiet time in our bungalow for a Reflective Writing activity to integrate the wisdom of the journey


$6 every month, or $66 / year (1 issue for free)

Subscriptions can be modified or canceled at any time.

Digital magazines are sent to your inbox on the 1st of every month.

Interested in one particular issue? One-time purchase of the issue of choice at $8 is available at our shop.

The calls of the wild invite you to uncover the ancient secrets of our ancestors. To be held by their memories. To look a little deeper.

Photos by Coral Antler Creative and Calm the Chaos on Creative Market


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