Monkey Pose: a sacred reminder to leap with love and devotion

Are you ready to take a bold leap in service of your true purpose?

Let the Hindu Lord Hanuman be your guide to learn to serve with love and devotion.

Whether you’re at the beginning of your journey or at the climax, Hanuman helps you navigate the challenges of your life with heart-filled devotion and divine duty.

You may not know this, but full splits, also known as Hanumanasana or Monkey Pose, represent more than a Cirque du Soleil status contortion. With one leg leaping forward and the other leg stretched back, it symbolizes Lord Hanuman (and yourself, of course!) leaping towards the Sun with love and devotion.

The Story of Hanuman

Legend tells of a powerful baby Hanuman who woke up one morning famished. He looked up to the sky and saw a big, juicy mango. Little did he know, that “juicy mango” was actually the Sun.

The ravenous monkey took a mighty leap (Monkey pose) to the sky with his mouth wide open. Terrified, the Sun cried out to the monkey not to come but Hanuman’s hunger drowned out the cries. Lord Indra witnessed the mayhem and struck baby Hanuman down to the earth with a thunder bolt. The poor monkey broke his jaw, hence his name, Hanuman, “the one with a broken jaw or cheek”.

Hanuman eventually grew up, and yet some things didn’t change. He still had an insatiable hunger. However, now his hunger was not for food. Hanuman was ravenous for knowledge, wanting to learn as much as he could from the brightest of teachers.

And so, he asked the Sun if he could become his student. Of course, the Sun was not Hanuman’s number one fan, and told the monkey ‘No’. Nevertheless, the great monkey persisted, proving that he would be the most devoted student. And so, the Sun finally gave in and becomes Hanuman’s beloved teacher.

Hanuman’s Wisdom

Hanuman teaches us that life is a school with tests and homework, and we are simply the students.

The baby monkey did not make it to the Sun the first time around. But it was through this test that his soul grew, and he transformed his hunger.

So, the moral of the story?

Even the heroes and heroines struggle before making it to the top. And rightly so. They would never learn important life lessons if they succeeded the first time around.

Let Monkey Pose be a sacred reminder to live your dharma with love and devotion. You may fall a few times, but that’s okay. With each fall you become a little more wise.

How do you leap with love in your life? Share in the comments!

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