Lunar Eclipse

About four times each year, the Moon moves into the Earth’s shadow or vice versa. For the most part, the Earth, Moon, and Sun do not perfectly align because the Moon’s orbit around Earth is about 5 degrees off from Earth’s orbit around the Sun. However, when they do line up, we experience solar and lunar eclipses.

A lunar eclipse occurs at the Full Moon when the Sun eclipses the Moon, causing Earth to cast a shadow on her.

Harness the Lunar Eclipse

Do you have one foot firmly planted on comfy Plan A and one toe on exhilarating Plan B? We’ll not for long! Eclipses push us off any wishy-washy fences, throwing us on the right path for growth.

When the lunar eclipse plucks you right out of your comfort zone, take a minute to breathe and adapt to the change of scenery.

With any emotional and internal issues illuminated, use this time to embrace both the light and dark aspects of the self. They both make you uniquely YOU. And have faith that all is unfolding in perfect time.


I embrace both my light and dark sides. I am whole.

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