Looking into the Future — The Age of Aquarius

After approximately 2,000 years of the Age of Pisces, a rebellious extraterrestrial is quickly approaching planet Earth. Riding a rocket ship, Aquarius carries a vessel filled with sci-fi gadgets and a utopian vision.

Warning: when this air sign blows away the smog of oceanic illusions, it won’t be a gentle breeze. A violent wind (or an airborne virus) rips through sturdy structures to make space for a new era.

Yes, a new Aquarian era is on the horizon. One that is bizarre, innovative, and blindingly bright. So, grab your ultraviolet-tinted shades and moon boots! We’re traveling into the unchartered (oh so near) future.

As we journey along the neon path of time, we may find some clarity in the present moment. And ultimately, we may better understand the multiple orbits available to us as we embark on the Age of Aquarius.

Welcome to Aquarius Land!

People have been talking (and singing) about the Age of Aquarius for decades now. Ruled by Uranus, Aquarius flies in to bring radical change (and possibly rebellion) for the collective good.

A true activist, this air sign confronts the patriarchy. “It’s time for a new world order — one that is egalitarian, and supports Mama Earth and all of her creatures,” says Aquarius. And this is no peaceful protest.

In an unexpected flash, the rebel of the Zodiac tears down outdated structures. Yes, political, economic and social structures that have once reigned are turned into ash. Something better is coming. Let’s explore the Age of Aquarius!

Human Rights

Aquarius is driven to empower marginalized people and make the world a fair place for all. So, we will see a rise in social justice warriors. No matter how controversial the cause, Aquarius gives us the courage to speak out and take action.

As a result, the days of women working “behind the scenes” are long gone. In this Aquarian age, women around the world can create positive change overtly (without manipulation) in the same sphere as men, robots, star beings and other power players.

Aquarius is also notorious for blurring the lines of gender without changing the physical body. Could this be the age of gender free?

Environmental Protection

As we speak, the list of species on the endangered list is growing, and the ozone layer is bursting open. It’s a sad time for Mother Earth, but Aquarius brings hope.

Age of Aquarius

The eco-warrior steps up at this critical time in history to promote sustainability. With Aquarius leading the way, new technologies and renewable energy will drastically reduce carbon emissions and protect the environment.


Aquarius is original and innovative with the power to see twenty steps ahead of everyone else. So naturally, technology gets a MEGA boost. Here are the possible inventions during the Age of Aquarius:

Computers and A.I.

Can anyone seriously live without a computer these days? Well, computers become even more important during the Age of Aquarius. Of course, you don’t need a crystal ball or an astrologer to point out that trend.

But you may be surprised to learn that computers become ‘social creatures’. Yes, future computers can talk to fellow computers and computer networks. After all, Aquarius is a social sign.

This means that computers can ask their peers questions. Which country has the highest level of human consciousness? And where should Sally go on vacation based on her asthma condition?

Together this dream team can tap into the global pool of knowledge (which, by the way, is HUGE, as computers will be tracking everything from the environment to our health and actions). Computers then use probability algorithms to find answers to complex problems. Of course, all in record time.

A New Internet

Imagine an internet that is synonymous with a super human brain. One that is self-aware with powerful sensory and psychic abilities. Except this ‘brain’ is invisible.

Think of it like electricity. You may not be able to see it, but it’s still so embedded in your daily life… for better or for worse. This means that you can access all mighty Google (or the next best thing) and maybe even higher dimensional beings with portable, wearable, and yes, implantable technologies.


Not only will implantable technologies give you 24/7 access to the internet, but you will also have the option to expand your skills. Yes, your silicon chip implant may also come with superhuman strength, a photographic memory and Mozart-status pianist skills.


As you can imagine, medicine will advance in cosmic leaps and bounds. Eventually we will be able to grow body parts for patients using genetic engineering.

Age of Aquarius

And disabilities may be a condition of the past. With special computer chips inserted in the body, people with disabilities will be able to do all activities, as if they didn’t have a disability to begin with. Of course, these computer chips will be affordable, as Aquarius demands equal access for all.

Space Exploration

Aquarius is the extraterrestrial of the Zodiac. So, naturally, we get a cosmic push into space and beyond. The discovery of new planets, stars and maybe even star beings is on the horizon. This may even be the age we travel to the Moon (just for fun).

Yes, we become true ‘universal’ citizens (a quintessentially Aquarian idea). The word ‘expat’ may even expand its meaning to include ‘a person who lives outside their native planet.’ Of course, let’s not forget the earth souls! Space exploration translates into exciting inventions for Earth, too.

Product Customization

Speaking of planet Earth… Aquarius is the snowflake of the zodiac. They just like to do things differently. Naturally, Aquarius says YES to product customization. Imagine buying the perfect outfit to match your personality, size and tastes. But not just fashion, everything from furniture to toys and books will be totally customizable. Plus, brands will keep your preferences on record for your next order. Shopping for that perfect thing will be as easy as a few clicks!

I know… eShopping is not as fun as the real thing. But I’m sure virtual reality will fill the gap. Of course, Aquarius will make sure even this is a customizable experience. Yes, you can choose the shopping location (fictive or real), music, stores and even the sales clerk (hello Ryan Gosling!).

Age of Aquarius


Virtual reality will become so advanced that it will be indistinguishable from actual reality. Naturally, we may just settle for the virtual experience of the Great Wall of China or that college reunion, rather than traditional travel. Or we might just take a virtual sneak peek before buying the plane (or teleportation) tickets.


It takes a really good storyteller to ignite an emotional experience. But what if we can create emotional stories with technology? Imagine a special headset that literally puts you in the character’s shoes. You feel her love affair — the intoxicating passion and jealously. You smell and taste her delicious first date meal at that charming pizzaria. And you even feel her anxiety of a possible betrayal. Exhilarating, right?

The Shadow of Aquarius

The future looks as blindingly bright as a sunbeam. But you can’t have light without shadow. The shadow of Aquarius is a little too cold, intellectual and emotionally aloof. When Pisces says, “I believe no matter what,” Aquarius says, “prove it to me.” Naturally, we may become more like machines — making decisions based on hard data and facts. Of course, data will be more accurate and less subjective than it is today.

A shimmering new chapter in Earth’s story is on the horizon. These are wild times, but Aquarius brings hope in a better future. The humanitarian of the Zodiac is truly the perfect sign to create positive change for the good of all.

Age of Aquarius

Which future invention are you most excited? Share in the comments!

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Photos by NASA, Jeremy Thomas, Gayatri Malhotra, Mert Guller, Bermix Studio andd Matthew Kwong on Unsplash

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