Looking Back — The Light and Shadow of the Age of Pisces

Do not lose heart… We were made for these times.

– Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Remember the days of big, boisterous celebrations? Or the times when you actually had an occasion to wear that fancy outfit? Yes, these are indeed exceptional times of great change.

Transformational change is never easy. It’s uncomfortable, uncertain and highly emotional. And we are right in the middle of the biggest transitional period in 2,000 years. As we shift from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius, we are letting go of the old paradigm to make room for a new era. An era of information, technological advancement and unity consciousness.

And while the global pandemic and political unrest may make us feel that the Age of Aquarius has to be better, it’s helpful to look at the past. What did we learn from the Age of Pisces?

As with all zodiac signs, there are light and shadow aspects of Pisces. There were times when we embraced her loving, mystical energies and times when we got submerged in her foggy waters of illusion. Of course, we learned so much from both experiences.

Let’s travel down memory lane to explore our spiritual evolution. As we journey along the spiral path of time, we may find some clarity in the present moment. And ultimately, we may better understand the multiple avenues available to us as we embark on the Age of Aquarius.

A Look at the Past

From the Age of Gemini (6000 to 4000 BC) when writing developed and the Age of Taurus (4000 BC to 2000 BC) when art took root to the Age of Aries (2000 BC to 1AD) when the Roman Empire was at its prime, humans have been through a few major transformations.

During those transitional periods between one astrological cycle to the next, our ancestors struggled with the intense changes just as we do. New conditions and values brought significant lifestyle changes. And while some embraced the change with open arms, others desperately clung to the past.

Coming out of the Age of Aries, our ancestors knew war far too well. Life was a fiery battlefield. Goddess temples were used as Roman military fortifications and blood sacrifice was the norm. And in exchange for a safe nesting ground, terrified folks swore blind allegiance to a corrupt priesthood.


Age of Pisces

As with all great empires, Rome eventually fell, marking a new age — the Age of Pisces (6 BC to approximately present day). When Roman structures began crumbling down, dreamy Pisces rolled in with several spiritual gurus (one of whom was Jesus, a Pisces sun sign by the way). In the name of unconditional love and compassion, Pisces swam along to bring a new world order. One of relentless faith, charity and sacrifice.

The Light of Pisces

Pisces is the sign of universal love and compassion. Naturally, the Age of Pisces moved humanity into the heart space. We saw epic human rights movements to defend marginalized groups from the civil rights movement in the U.S. and the fight for women’s right to vote to the gay rights movements. As protestors marched to the beat of unity consciousness, we slowly inched our way towards equality for all. Of course, the fight for liberation is far from over.

Spirituality was also a major focus during this era. With the rise of Christianity and Islam, some even call this cycle “the Age of Monotheism.” You see, Pisces calls for complete faith in the unseen world. The fish don’t need scientific proof to whole-heartedly believe in magic and miracles. And so, many believers put their blind faith in religious institutions.

In the Pisces era, we needed more time for seclusion and introspection. And consequently, a number of retreats, convents, and spiritual pilgrimages were formed, providing a safe sanctuary away from the world.

Age of Pisces

Overall, Pisces called for a global shift to a unified world. With the facility of travel and communication, we are much more integrated with other cultures. Today, you can have a lot in common with another person half way around the world. Despite cultural differences, you may follow the same television show, listen to the same music or enjoy the same food.

This unified world is further enhanced by the global economy. When the East and the West came together in a mutually beneficial economic relationship, we all became stronger. Plus, this interconnectedness makes it really hard to go to war.

The Shadow of Pisces

Pisces is the sign of illusions, swimming in and out of the depths of their dreams. Their fantasies are often so vivid that it’s hard to determine what’s real and what’s simply a mirage. Naturally, this era saw some pretty vivid illusions due to the suppression of knowledge. The dominant religious institutions wanted to keep their followers in the dark.

Swimming around in a pitch black ocean did keep the status quo during the Age of Pisces. However, this certainly won’t last in the Age of Aquarius. When Pisces says, “I believe,” Aquarius says, “Prove it to me scientifically.” So, as we continue to move into the Age of Aquarius, the murky Piscean waters will start to clear up and we’ll finally see the truth of the matter.

Pisces is a true believer. And while this is adorable, it can be taken to an extreme. During the Age of Pisces, people were willing to go to war with those of different faiths to defend their beliefs. And so, we saw the rise of religious wars and the massacre of ‘heretics’ (which actually means ‘someone in possession of facts who is able to choose’). Many innocent people died, including Neoplatonists, Christian Gnostics and Jews. Definitely not a high point for this era.

Overall, the Age of Pisces certainly had its high and low moments. We learned to belief in magic no matter what. We tapped into the heart space. And we made important strides in equality for all. Of course, this era saw a lot of horrific events too. As we move into the Age of Aquarius, we can expect to experience the light and shadow aspects of this intellectual sign, just as we experienced the light and shadow of Pisces. But what will that look like? Find out in our next article on The Light and Shadow of the Age of Aquarius.

What was your favorite moment in history during the Age of Pisces? Share in the comments!

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