September 23 – October 22

La Ballade De Libra brings harmony, balance and peace to the planet. No other sign can harmonize a melody with sheer charm and diplomacy. This lovely lady sees truth in both sides of any argument. And like a masterful diplomat, she finds the melodious middle path — a path where everyone wins.

Her mission to find that sweet spot between yin and yang, right and wrong, light and dark extends to all areas of her life. A talented artist and designer, Libra leaves a shimmering trail of harmonious designs that soothe the senses. The world is simply more beautiful with Libra.

But Libra leaves more than a trail of fairy dust along her life path. A natural romantic, she knows just the recipe to melt her lover’s heart. Surrounded by sensual candles and pastel blossoms, she whispers sweet nothings that lifts her lover up into another dimension. A dimension tinted with warm rose and filled with harmonious melodies.

Even when conflict arises, Libra prefers to wear her rose-colored glasses and listen to soothing tunes. Don’t even try to change her station to hard core punk screams. In the name of preserving her inner peace, Libra avoids discord and conflict at all costs. Still, the Universe is calling on her to face the sweet sorrows of life. Only a Libra can restore a pitch-perfect balance to all affairs.


Once Upon A Time

There once was a Greek goddess of innocence and purity named Astraea. The angelic goddess lived on Earth with humans until the energetic vibrations became too dense for angelic beings. After escaping the onslaught of the dark ages, she was placed in the heavens as the Virgo constellation. Zeus then gave her the divine scales of justice (aka the Libra constellation). To this day, the shimmering Libra scales in the night sky remind us to balance the scales in our own lives.


Sacred Oils

  • Rose
  • Thyme
  • Violet
  • Neroli
  • Lavender

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