July 23 – August 22

Lights, camera, Leo! The regal lioness emerges out of cozy Cancer season in a sparkly leopard party dress and a feather boa. With her shimmering sun-kissed tan and vavoom mane, you can’t miss this glitter kitten.

Nothing is ordinary with Leo. She turns up the tropical heat on the playground with her pulsating passion and joie de vivre. By the end of the sweet summer night, you’ll be shimmying and shaking barefoot in the sand. Because Leo believes that life is to be lived to the fullest. So bring on the Champagne cocktails, live music and belly laughs!

Aside from wild parties on the beach, Leo lives for entertaining with her creative pursuits. And creative expression isn’t just about having a good time. With all her fiery passion, she needs a creative outlet where she can truly shine. Without one, Leo brings a little poolside drama.

But, beyond the dramatic theatrics, she has an enormous heart filled with limitless courage and compassion. Naturally, the Queen of Hearts calls on all signs to drop the armor hiding that tender heart. In the name of courageous Leo love, let’s all wear our hearts on our sleeves.

Ok, let’s not ignore the giant elephant in the room. It’s true that an un-evolved Leo can be a tad egocentric. But, when a Leo is at her best, she is capable of creative leadership. In fearless Leo fashion, she’ll step up to the leadership plate and lead the world into a better future.


Once Upon A Time

There was once a powerful Nemean lion that ravaged the land of Nemea. Villager after villager tried to stop the vicious lion from destroying the town. However, the lion’s fur was impenetrable by human weapons. And so, the lion continued to devastate Nemea.

Until one day when King Eurystheus asked the demigod Heracles to slay the lion as part of his twelve labors. After shooting a series of arrows at the lion with no success, Heracles needed a new plan. So, he followed the lion back to its den and blocked off the entrance. The den turned pitch black, but the cunning demigod was still able to locate the lion. Before the lion could react, Hercules whacked him on top of the head with a club and then slowly strangled the beast to death with his bare hands.

Of course, Hercules couldn’t just leave the lion’s protective hide behind. Before the lion was placed in the sky as the Leo constellation, Hercules made himself a cloak and helmet out of the lion’s magical fur.


Sacred Oils

  • Sunflower
  • Anise
  • Marjoram
  • Mandarin
  • Nutmeg
  • St. John’s Wort
  • Neroli
  • Tangerine
  • Calendula

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