I was stuck in “being” mode + What’s next for Mystic Muse

I’ve always been a “doer” — writing, editing, designing, dancing, researching, mothering, etc. Juggling several different activities is the norm. But then I stopped…

Yes, I stopped the treadmill and sat down. Then I sank into a dream world made of plush feathers and silk, aka my bed.

For real, I’ve been sleeping and dreaming A LOT. Sex dreams, dreams of surfing a hurricane, dreams of being chased by an ogre. After 10+ hours of astral adventures, I would practice yoga. And if I’m not stuck in a Netflix coma, I would dust off my plant-based cookbooks and make a healthy meal. All this excitement is between mothering, of course.

But let me be straight, I didn’t intend on taking a break from Mystic Muse and screenwriting. Each night, I would set the intention to jumpstart my creative practice. And each morning, I would wake up at 8AM with my four-year-old. And so, I kept missing that small creative window of complete silence and “me” time.

Yes, for the past few months I’ve been stuck in “being” mode. And frankly, I wish I enjoyed it more. Most of the time, I couldn’t shake the itch that I should be finishing that screenplay or maintaining this blog. But this break allowed me to go within and choose my next path with sacred intention. As always, I looked to astrology for guidance.

Using Astrology for Career Advice

As I looked at my birth chart, my cardinal grand cross popped out once again. But this time I was fixated on Venus conjunct Chiron in Cancer in Gemini’s 10th house. Currently this is manifesting as a career in corporate communications for positive culture change. But the question is: how do I want to embody these energies?

The Future of Mystic Muse

Mystic Muse isn’t just a muse for my readers. It’s also my muse. I never felt so inspired and connected to the divine than when I was writing Mystic Travel Magazine. So, a new digital magazine is in the works!

Mystic Travel Magazine

But there will be some changes:

  • This magazine won’t be travel focused. While the idea is still percolating, it will be healing with goddess self-care, sacred crafts, crystal healing rituals, astrology, numerology, and tarot guidance.
  • It will be a mini monthly magazine, not seasonal.
  • There will be complementary video content for divine dance classes. Yes, I’m finally going to teach belly dance for self-healing!

The seed is planted. But I would love to hear from you. What does your dream magazine include? Share in the comments!

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