How To Harness the New Moon when it is in each sign

Since the dawn of time, people have seen the night sky as a window to the astral realm, shinning a light on the path ahead. It’s true that there is something otherworldly and magical about the night sky.

When the Moon is dark in the sky, we are called to go inward, and set a fresh intention.


Here is a guide on how to connect to the powerful energy of the New Moon when it is in each zodiac sign:

When the New moon is in…

  • Aries – launch a new project, and go after what you want with courage and bravery
  • Taurus – think about how you manifest beauty in the world. Remind yourself that life is good, and you have the power to make it sweeter.
  • Gemini – go deep into the darkness, and dig out hidden truth. Create a mantra to help walk in your truth.
  • Cancer – feel your deepest emotions, and heal pain that has been lingering since childhood
  • Leo – open your heart more fully, relax, and honor your deep, sensual nature
  • Virgo – think about how you can be of selfless service to others
  • Libra – set an intention for harmony and balance. Who is getting too much and who is not getting enough? Consider how parts of you may be imbalanced.
  • Scorpio – release anything that is not serving your highest calling. It could be fear, anger, or past trauma.
  • Sagittarius – spend time in nature and connect to your true calling. This new moon is an invitation to live in your truth.
  • Capricorn – make an intention for manifesting business success and achievement
  • Aquarius – live authentically and surround yourself with those that accept you. Embrace your complete self, including the light and shadow sides.
  • Pisces – keep a journal by your bed to capture clues to your subconscious desires that appear in your dreams

What are you calling in on this New Moon? Share in the comments!

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The New Moon is a time to let our physical sensations and intuition guide our intention setting for the entire lunar cycle.

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