How To Harness the New Moon when it is in each sign

When the Moon is dark in the sky, you rely on your three-dimensional senses to navigate your life. Like the Crone Moon Goddess, you learn to see in the dark. The New Moon is a fertile time to let your physical sensations and intuition guide your intention setting for the entire lunar cycle.


Here is a guide on New Moon intention setting when it’s in each zodiac sign:

When the New moon is in…

  • Aries – Set an intention to launch a new project and dedicate 10+ minutes per day to your personal ambitions.
  • Taurus – Set an intention to manifest financial abundance or create a new self-love practice.
  • Gemini – Set an intention to share your voice through any medium or expand your social circle.
  • Cancer – Set an intention to honor your emotional needs, heal childhood wounds, or mother yourself.
  • Leo – Set an intention to develop a creative passion or leadership skills.
  • Virgo – Set an intention to spend more time in nature or create a healthy daily habit.
  • Libra – Set an intention to cultivate healthier relationships and boundaries.
  • Scorpio – Set an intention to uncover, accept, and heal your shadow traits, or the parts of you that seem unlovable.
  • Sagittarius – Set an intention to plan a big adventure, enroll in an educational program, or create more freedom in your life.
  • Capricorn – Set an intention to clarify your life’s purpose or make your way up the mountain path.
  • Aquarius – Set an intention to use your unique gifts to help the community.
  • Pisces – After reflecting on the previous astrological year, set an intention to heal any addictions or wounds that slow down your manifestations.

What’s your New Moon intention? Share in the comments!

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The New Moon is a time to let our physical sensations and intuition guide our intention setting for the entire lunar cycle.

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