How To Harness The Full Moon When It Is In Each Sign

At the Full Moon, moonbeams illuminate toxic thoughts, habits and people in your life. What stands in the way of your manifestation? Are you manifesting an outdated dream? This culmination point brings cosmic clarity so you can identify anything that’s counterproductive and release it during the waning moon phase.

As the Moon is on the opposite side of the Earth to the Sun, it will fall in the opposite zodiac sign (or the sign directly across from the sun sign on the Wheel of the Zodiac). In essence, this opposite sign duo brings opposing forces into play. Emotions are pulled up to the surface. And you may feel more loony or lunatic than usual. Fear not, it’s all in service of your highest good — to help you reflect on the hard questions and any imbalances.

Here is a guide on how to harness the energies of the Full Moon when it’s in each zodiac sign:

When The Full Moon Is In…

  • Aries – Identify where you need to release anger, self-doubt, or fear.
  • Taurus – Embrace your shadow, or undesirable, characteristics. This Moon highlights where you need to release resentment or shame in the waning moon phase.
  • Gemini – Find answers to your burning questions. This Moon illuminates any limiting mindsets or beliefs, which can be released in the waning moon phase.
  • Cancer – Process and release sticky emotions, which slow down your manifestations.
  • Leo – Listen to your heart. Leo helps you forgive and release fear so you can pursue your inner desires and shine.
  • Virgo – Get a reality check. Virgo helps you see the path ahead and all the weeds that don’t support your BIG dreams.
  • Libra – Confront relationship wounds or toxic dynamics. Libra helps you find a balance between “me” and “we”.
  • Scorpio – Use this Full Moon for emotional processing and self-love practices. Scorpio helps you find true security from within.
  • Sagittarius – Illuminate false ideas and boundaries that stifle your freedom.
  • Capricorn – Process emotions, doubts, and fears in the context of your career aspirations. Emotions spark ACTION with Capricorn’s pragmatic approach.
  • Aquarius – Illuminate societal chains that dimmer your light. Aquarius calls on you to release anything that stifles your freedom in the waning moon phase.
  • Pisces – Acknowledge and understand wounds that can be released in the waning moon phase. Pisces challenges you to forgive those who have wronged you and yourself.

What are you releasing in the waning moon phase? Share in the comments!

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