How To Harness The Full Moon When It Is In Each Sign

Have you ever stood under a Full Moon? It’s awe-inspiring, isn’t it? Her radiance ignites primal and divine power within us.

When the Moon is in her full luminous expression, your New Moon intentions are magically materializing in tangible form. It’s time to express joyful gratitude to the Universe. Yet at the same time the Full Moon illuminates the path ahead. It may also be the moment to change paths and release what is holding you back from your higher purpose.

Here is a guide on how to connect to the powerful energy of the Full Moon when it is in each zodiac sign:

When The Full Moon Is In…

  • Aries – ask yourself the tough questions and listen to your heart. Dare to express your authentic self, without sacrificing relationships.
  • Taurus – connect to the Earth, nurture your body with a sensual bath or massage and conduct an abundance ritual. This is a great time to monetize a creative project.
  • Gemini – we may be sensitive to words. Use this energy to see both sides of the story without needing to solve the problem.
  • Cancer – close chapters that no longer serve you, take a purifying salt bath and practice receiving selectively with grace
  • Leo – celebrate your light and share your art with the world. Don’t play small!
  • Virgo – clean up your home, get organized and detox your body. There is a tendency to be critical during this time. Dare to see yourself as you really are, without anything but love for your authentic beauty.
  • Libra – enjoy a simple celebration with others, but don’t forget to leave some time for reflection. Reflect on your relationships. What new life and energy did you create together?
  • Scorpio – this powerful Full Moon is about sexual healing. Use this time to surrender to the universe, love and passion
  • Sagittarius – you may feel pulled towards the study of philosophy or metaphysics and travel. Use this energy to conduct a sound meditation, get a back massage or organize a group ritual.
  • Capricorn – reflect on whether or not you need to let go of a goal that no longer makes sense to make room for something more in tune with your heart. Use this time to diligently develop a new goal.
  • Aquarius – reflect on how you fit into the bigger picture and contribute to making the world a better place. This is a time to learn to be unique and free, while honoring humanity and the community as a whole.
  • Pisces – use your heightened intuition to understand life’s lessons and for inner healing

What are you celebrating this Full Moon? Share in the comments!

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When the Moon is radiant and whole in the sky, the seeds you planted at the new moon are magically materializing in physical form.

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