How To Detect and Heal Unbalanced Chakras to promote radiant health

Despite ongoing ankle injuries, declined credit cards, and mounting debt, I never sensed my chronic root chakra blockage. It was calling for H-E-L-P every time I rolled an ankle and limped back home from yoga practice. But alas, I overlooked the energetic origins and rationalized the pain: “it’s just an old gymnastics injury.”

A chakra is an energy center, or a small vortex point of concentrated energy, that receives and sends energy to and from you. It may be energy in the form of a person’s emotion or thought.

The chakra system is constantly filtering through the energy that you encounter. It may store the energy in the body or release it. Ultimately, the chakras are responsible for your body’s energy maintenance, health and wellbeing.

In the most widely-studied modern system, there are seven main chakras that govern a specific set of physical and emotional attributes, detailed here.

Why Work With Chakras

When the chakras are out of balance, it eventually manifests in physical and emotional ailments in the corresponding area of the body. Indeed, all scientists (muggles included) agree that every illness begins on a subatomic level. In other words, even though the illness isn’t detectable with modern tests, it’s festering away.

When the chakras are in balance, it promotes the effortless flow of energy throughout the body. And in turn, it:

  • promotes health, wellness, and a balanced sense of peace
  • expands your awareness, allowing you to have a higher perspective on challenging situations
  • empowers you to overcome challenges and follow your dreams
  • brings more love and abundance in all areas of life

How To Detect Unbalanced Chakras

Sometimes the body SHOUTS about the chakra that needs TLC (ahem illnesses and injuries). But sometimes we experience emotions or subtle symptoms of a chakra imbalance that are harder to pinpoint. If you need clarity on where you might have a chakra imbalance, these two practices can help:

1 – Body Scan

Lie flat on your back with your eyes closed. Begin scanning your body from your feet to your head. Spend a few deep breaths on each body part, noticing how it feels. Where do you feel uncomfortable, tension, or pain? Make a mental note before moving up the body.

2 – Ask Your Pendulum

Hang your pendulum in front of each chakra, and ask it if that particular chakra is balanced. If it swings from front to back (like a head nod), it commonly means “yes”. If it swings from side to side (like a head shake), it commonly means “no”.

How To Heal Unbalanced Chakras

While I love me a beautiful crystal, I believe sound and light healing are the most effective tools. For sound healing, simply play the corresponding Solfeggio Frequency in your home or as you move about your day.

Which chakras are you healing and how? Share in the comments!

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