How To Charge Your Crystals

Your crystals are cleansed of all negative energy and previous programming, so now what?

Now it’s time to charge them with your intention. Here’s how:


Set Your Intention

What are you hoping to manifest? Write your intention down in your journal.


Visualize Your Intention

Next, hold the crystals in your non-dominant hand, and place your other hand over it. Say your intention out loud, while visualizing it. What would it look like if you accomplished your goal? How would you feel?


Charge Your Crystals

There are a few options to amplify the energy of your crystals:

  • Place your crystals in sun or moonlight for 24 hours or up to a week. Use your intuition. You may feel compelled to charge amethyst in moonlight, and citrine in the sun, for instance.
  • Surround your crystals with four clear quartz points, creating a quartz circle. Let them take in the rays for a minimum of 24 hours.
  • Bury your crystals in the earth for a week or more.

Now that your crystals are cleansed and charged with your intention, it’s time to make magic!

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